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Case File and Reflection

Working with the Norris family presented significant challenges following the fact that the family had various members facing different problems that affected all of them in different ways. The ages of the various members of the Norris family also presented a challenge as it was necessary to handle each of them separately (Parker, 2017). In the process of taking the intake assessment notes, it was essential to determine that in the case of Denise, following the fact that she was the mother of the children, significant respect should have been accorded to endure maturely addressing her. The fact that Chanelle is a young adolescent calls for her to be addressed separately as at her age, she is significantly fragile and required delicate attention in addressing her (Koprowska, 2020). For Maya and Robert, since they are young children, it is neccesary to address them in a way warm way to boost their esteem and ensure that they are not afraid to express themselves.

Creating a treatment plan presents another significant challenge for the family. Despite all of them belonging to the same family, the various challenges affected them in different ways. Thus, it is essential to ensure that all the family members received effective treatment plans that would match the diverse needs they exhibited. It was also crucial to create the treatment plan in a way that the other livelihood processes of the various family members were not affected (Drisko & Grady, 2019). The plan consequently had to be tailored in an accommodating way and did not include increased stress to the family.

The other element involved in the creation of the case file entailed the creation of the case notes. Here, the case notes needed to elaborately captured the entire process. There was the need to ensure that in creating the case notes, the whole process could be adequately understood and followed up (Pick, 2018). In creating the case notes, the inherent need was to ensure that the notes captured all the vital aspects of the family, including the previous factor, the current factors and the determination of the effective treatment plans (Divya & Lakshman, 2020). In creating the case notes, it was necessary to organize the notes based on the real factors affecting the family, and not just perceived factors.

In dealing with the family, communication skills ware applied through the entire process. It entailed creating allocate questions to which the various members could respond and provide information about them. These questions were useful in facilitating the development of an elaborate insight on the family members (Ahmed, 2016). As the members responded to the questions, I contributed to the conversations by suggesting various factors that could further facilitate the multiple problems to increase the scope of the information I received from the multiple members of the family.

The challenges that I discovered in the communication process include that by attempting to contribute to the discussions, they were uncomfortable to fully open up and instead seemed to hide information. Also, through trying to contribute to the conversation, it seemed as though the members ended up agreeing with everything I said, a factor that could lead to misinformation.  Following this determination, in the next assignments, rather than attempting to suggest the situations to the clients, I would only encourage them to provide the information through creating up a free environment. Through a free and comfortable environment, the clients would be freer to present the main issues that affect them (Kee et al. 2018). The information presented would consequently provide increased levels of accuracy.

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