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Career Opportunities Essay | Paper Writing Help Online

Provide a Brief Introduction of Your Desired Career Field

The medical-surgical nursing career field represents one of the most significant segments of the U.S workforce, with more than 3.8 million employees. It is one of the most trusted professions and also among the highest-paying careers. The Bureau of Statistics projects a 15% industry growth from 2016 to 2026 representing 200,000 positions each year (Rosseter, 2016). There are various specialties in the field, and qualifications range from one-year certification to a Ph.D. depending on the role.

Provide An Overview of Each Organization and The Specific Position You Are Applying To. You Are Required to Include the Name of The Company, Their Website, Social Media Handles, And Approximate Number of Employees

The first organization will apply to the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for the orthopedic nurse position. The department of Orthopedic Surgery in MGH is a world leader in treating the comprehensive spectrum of young and old musculoskeletal conditions. The organization’s website is https://www.massgeneral.org. The social media handles include @massgeneral for Instagram and @MassGeneralNews for Twitter. There are approximately 17,700 employees. The second organization I will be applying to is Mayo Clinic for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Mayo Clinic ranks best in terms of hospital rankings as it integrates research on thoracic, neurology, orthopedics, vascular, urology, and general surgery. Mayo Clinic website is https://www.mayoclinic.org/. The social media handle is @MayoClinic for both Twitter and Facebook. There are 36,300 employees at Mayo Clinic.

Describe 2-3 Facts About the Company That Is Interesting to You and Explain Why You Want to Work for This Company in The Future.

Massachusetts General Hospital is a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School and treats conditions such as sprains, limb-sparing oncology procedures, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and spinal reconstruction. The hospital is the best in the U.S. regarding orthopedics attending to over 80,000 patients each year. I want to work at MGH due to its commitment to developing new techniques in orthopedic care and high clinical, academic, and ethical standards in treating patients.

Mayo Clinic is the largest integrated, not-for-profit medical organization in the world. It functions as an academic medical research center and has the oldest continually operating anesthesia program in the U.S. I want to work at Mayo Clinic because I want to be part of the Mayo Clinic legacy where the CRNA role is deeply embedded since they are the essential anesthesia care providers within the organization’s multi-disciplinary practice. In addition, at Mayo Clinic, I will be part of a world-renowned surgical environment that will present me with diverse opportunities to learn and grow my career.

Describe The Knowledge, Skills, And Experience Required by The Job Positions Selected. What Knowledge, Skills, Experiences, Or Other Opportunities Do You Need to Obtain to Be Eligible for These Job Positions?

The orthopedic nurse position education requirements include a bachelor of science degree and a registered nurse license. In addition, the orthopedic nurse certification exam is a required certification. To be eligible for the job position, First, I must attain an associate’s degree and acquire a state nursing license to work as a registered nurse. As a registered nurse, I will have the option of specializing in orthopedic care subject to relevant certification.

The CRNA job position requirements include a master’s degree, registered nurse license, and one year of experience in an acute care setting (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Career Guide, 2017). In addition to the advanced nursing degree, a certified registered nurse anesthetist certification is also required. CRNA’s are some of the highest earners in the medical-surgical field due to the extensive training received and high demand in a surgical setting. To be eligible for the position, I must first attain a degree from a graduate-level program and pursue a master’s degree for specialization. Besides, I must complete acute care training for one year to gain experience in the field.

Explain The Significance of Drawing Connections Between the Requirements Listed in The Job Descriptions and Your Resumé and Cover Letter, Relevant to Your Career Field. Determine How You Would Make Those Connections Within Your Resumé and Cover Letter to Ultimately Gain the Hiring Manager’s Attention

Drawing connections between the job requirements, resume, and cover letter is crucial since it points out educational background features that make a candidate more viable for the job position. In addition, the connection shows the hiring committee the level of qualification regarding the job application, thus makes it easier for interview consideration. To make the connections, one ought to extract keywords describing qualities, skills, and experiences preferred on the job requirement. This can be done by making informed assumptions regarding the skills needed to be effective in the job category. The goal is to sell your credentials to the hiring team; thus, one should prioritize phrases regarding qualifications that reference skills that make you an excellent fit for the job.

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