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Career Fair Tour Reflection Essay Paper | Homework Help Online

Experience Gained

The career fair tour experience provided vital insights which I intend to utilize when searching for an internship or job opportunity. One of the elements is resume review to ensure that it aligns with requirements of the contemporary business setting. Looking out for a consultant to assist me in reviewing my resume enables me to address grammar issues and also ask significant questions. Notably, I learnt about the use of a padfolio when searching for a job opportunity. It permits one to take notes since it contains a notebook, pen and card holders to place important documents. I also developed my understanding about networking when looking for a job opportunity. I should set goals which provided a guide in the search. For instance, researching different companies permits me to decide on the firms to approach.

Exposure to a company’s goals, mission and vision enables me to decide between working for it or not. Personal grooming and appearance exists as another key element I learnt from the fair tour. I should always dress professionally, keep eye contact when speaking to a potential employer, and also engage a professional handshake. Also, I learnt that I should avoid disruptions and be aware of what I say and how I say it. Lastly, the fair exposed me to tactics of ending a conversation with a potential employer. For instance, I can thank them for their time and request for a follow up mechanism as guided by the firm’s policy framework.

Groups I engaged and interacted with during the Career Fair Tour

 I engaged with different companies in the career fair tour. While some of the individuals acted as the company’s representatives, some of the persons I spoke to were managers and CEO’s. They provided me with crucial information ranging from courses which are highly marketable to skills which expose an individual to the highly competitive corporate setting. I also spoke to fellow job seekers who had visited the fair tour to gain valuable skills and knowledge. We shared details about what we had learnt during the career fair tour and what we felt about it.

Things to do in Future

When I got to the career fair tour, I immediately started looking out for potential employers. I was excited and nervous at the same time. In future, I would first sit down and familiarize with the environment. Exposure to aspects such as the noise enables an individual to compose themselves and caught breath before commencing the intended activities. I realized that excitement can as well cause anxiety and being nervous and that is it paramount to catch a breath by sitting down and familiarizing with the setting.

Maximizing the Experience

I failed to maximize my experience during the career fair tour. I would have searched for potential companies before visiting the tour. The move would have allowed me to have an idea of the companies I would be looking out. The exposure to the goals, vision, and mission statements would permit me to detect if they align with my interests, aspirations and personal goals. I spend too much time visiting companies I would not be interested working in since their goals failed to align with my personal goals.

Relationship between the Career Fair Tour and my Professional Development

The event created an opportunity to connect and network my potential employer. Some of the companies I interacted with are in my list of admirable firms I have always desired to work in growing my career. Notably, I have always been keen on professional appearance, and the exposure gained at the fair tour deepened my knowledge on personal grooming and appearance.

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