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Card Punching Attendance System | Best Paper Writers

The current Card Punching Attendance System entails waving a card near a machine to gain access. However, the system is not a viable option for the company. There is a need to develop a new attendance system that will be able to capture all employee details for monitoring and averting any financial losses.

Existing Problem

The main issue with the current system is that a member of staff may use another member’s punch card to acknowledge the attendance of an absent employee. The current system promotes unethical standards within the company, which makes it possible for another employee to conduct duties on behalf of a colleague. The new system to be designed will only allow the use of a single card for a specific employee, along with face-scanning options, to avert any form of malpractice.

Feasibility Analysis and Technical Approaches.

The new system will be economically viable as it will save on time and other resources. There are various forms of technical aspects that ought to be used in designing the new system. Foremost, the inclusion of a biometric terminal to allow a specific individual to input their attendance on the system. The other aspect includes the face-scanning feature for every individual while utilizing their punching cards and cameras to detect the use of another individual’s card to punch for an absent employee.

Basic Operational Requirements

The newly designed system should be able to recognize the identity of an employee easily as well as allow configuration of additional fingerprints for employees joining the organization. The new system should also authorize the access of an administrator to modify and review the attendance data. The Biometric aspect of the system should provide a report on the employees regarding their regular attendance as well as their time of access and time for exiting the premises.

Maintenance Concept

The proposed system will go through a yearly maintenance procedure and as per the owner’s proposition. It will have a backup option by the Biometric system supplier in the event of maintenance issues. The systems spares will be maintained through the AC process by the supplier.

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