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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Teacher Positions?

In recent years, the use of technology has taken dominated people’s way of living, which includes education. The universal developments in artificial intelligence tend to pose a significant threat to most jobs, especially in the education sector. Developments in artificial intelligence have given rise to the production of various machines that have the capability of performing complicated tasks that judgment, perception, and reasoning presently partaken by human beings. One may not fail to wonder if the artificial intelligence machine can reduce the requirement for human labour that results in unemployment as a result of the trends. According to various individuals, the traditional technique of teaching by human beings may be replaced in the future through the use of artificial intelligence. However, I tend to disagree with the statement as there will always be the need to incorporate tutors as computers are not efficient enough to understand human beings. Additionally, the online lessons conducted by individual tutors will prove to be a viable solution to the conventional lecture hall orations in the future.

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Teacher Positions?

Although AI can impart abilities or strengthen problematic conceptions for fraught learners, it may never replace a human tutor. Despite AI applications proving they can teach learners to recite or perform calculations, training societal and expressive abilities is more intricate. Computers have not attained the stage of understanding learners’ feelings or levels of understanding despite the immense development of technology. Other than mentorship, a teacher assists each learner in various aspects such as assessment, supervision, and inspiration, which cannot be accomplished by a machine. For instance, Grammarly is an online application that can conduct an evaluation as well as spontaneously rectify the organization of a sentence and spellings. However, it may not offer suitable assistance to those learning English as it is not a substitute for the teacher. It is because it fails tot providing explanations on mistakes or also provides feedback on ways of avoiding the same errors in the future.

A tutor’s responsibility is not only to provide knowledge but is also an educator, a mentor and a motivator to the learners. Teaching learners entails interacting on a social aspect amongst the tutor, students, and parents. Logically, the tutor, along with the school administrators, can offer an atmosphere that is conducive for learning to be conducted. No machine can perform, such as responsibilities, even with the aspects of artificial intelligence. The sole benefit of the artificial intelligence machine is conducting science experiments in classrooms or being deemed useful in providing recurrent teaching to learners that are considered to be weak (Popenici and Kerr,2017). The context of identifying each person holistically, merging with the perception of evaluating the richness and intricacy of a lecture hall moment, is purely not viable for an AI machine.

Humans are considered to have a better understanding when emulating and practicing with other individuals. The tutor in a lecture hall is regarded as a human model of mastery for a specific area of content, who bears individual skills and values that are exclusively human. It makes it hard for a student to easily relate to an artificial intelligence machine in the same capacity. Knowledge by the students that the teacher is a robot puts an enormous strain on learner’s capability to empathize and visualize themselves in a manner likely to suggest that they are grasping the content along with the skills at hand (Luckin et., al 2016). It is argued that the lack of a viable connection between the learners and the robots makes it hard to inspire the learners.

Online classes may be the norm in the future as a viable alternative to the conventional lecture hall tutoring, which assists in saving infrastructure costs accrued by individuals as well as time used in traveling. Over the last decade, tremendous growth has been seen, and the progressively sophisticated AI cannot be able to replace the teaching profession in every aspect. A student can learn from any part of the word using the basic technology requirements of a laptop and internet connectivity. For example, global universities such as Oxford and Stamford conduct online classes that are free and can be attended by any individual. Any doubts that may arise can be clarified through skype (Sengupta,2011).  Altogether, AI machines cannot exchange the inventive and varied awareness of the human mind. The AI can be a threat to humankind as a result of the big fails.


Replacement of tutors in the teaching space with AI may seem to a viable idea in the coming years but will not prove to be beneficial to students as a result of various genuine explanations. Conducting online sessions will be a great solution to traditional lectures in classrooms. This kind of technology functions best in collaboration with an active human enabler making the job easier and improving efficiency. Most countries are hesitant in embracing the incorporation of robots and Artificial intelligence in classrooms.

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