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Buying Decision

When deciding on what to buy, a process is followed. Gabbie has to determine which flight meets her needs together with those of her boyfriend. The stage of choosing what suits the two is known as the alternative evaluation stage. At this stage, the consumer uses the information he or she has to compare the alternatives and decides on what to choose. For instance, she evaluates the Southern skies airline recommended to her by her parents. Also, she reads about the Jet Green on an article. Additionally, her boyfriend Justin recommends that she evaluate Jet Green to see whether it provides their needs. While doing this, there is no doubt that she is evaluating the alternatives at her disposal to pick the most suitable option.

Psychological factors play a key role when making decisions. Motivation is one of the factors that influenced Gabbie’s decision. Justin motivated her to look more into Jet Green’s offers. The fact that the airline was in her mind and her boyfriend motivated her to consider the flight, compelled her to settle on Jet Green as her flight option.

Gabbie’s parents recommended that she use their favorite airline, the Southern skies. The kind of information search they used is an internal search for information. In this kind of information search, the consumer uses the experience he or she has with the product to give or make decisions. The decisions made depend on whether the consumer is happy with the product or not. Consequently, her parents had used the airline before which meant, that they had done an experiment on the airline and were satisfied with the services they received. Based on these experiences, they recommended that she use the airline.

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