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Business Writing Annotated Bibliography | Homework Help Online

Kassem, Mohamed Ali Mohamed. “Developing Business Writing Skills and Reducing Writing Anxiety of EFL Learners through Wikis.” English Language Teaching 10.3 (2017): 151-163.

In this book, the author Kassem Mohamed Ali Mohamed conducts an extensive study on the effects of the use of wikis on students. The use of wikis impacts on the development of business writing skills, as well as, reducing the level of writing anxiety among Business Administration students. The study utilizes two equivalent groups constituting a total of sixty students chosen randomly. The two groups are control and experimental as the foundation of the study that comprises of Writing Anxiety Inventory (WAI) and Test of Business Writing Skills (TBWS). The wikis illustrate a positive impact on the development of business writing skills among the students. Also, it impacts positively on reducing the level of anxiety among EFL learners. Thus, wikis should be incorporated and integrated into the learning and development of business writing skills.

The source is significant to the research top as it outlines the aspects of developing business writing skills. As a student, building and nurturing business writing skills is key for professional development. Thus, the article impacts profoundly on finding new ways that students can improve their business writing skills prospects. ‘

The article resonates with other sources on the need to develop business writing competence and lower the level of anxiety. The use of wikis is essential to the understanding of the skill and further concept comprehension.

Ranaut, Bindu. “Importance of Good Business Writing Skills.” International Journal of Language and Linguistics 5.2 (2018): 32-40.

In the source, the author Bindu Ranaut emphasizes the importance of good business writing skills. Ranaut (32) identifies communication is a profoundly important aspect of an organization’s success. In the contemporary world that is continuously becoming more globalized, communication both internally and externally is fundamental to the success and competitiveness of an organization. The business writing skills impact the context in which clients, customers, workforce, contractors, investors, et cetera, are informed of the strategies, objectives, progress, performance, among other parameters of business operations. Thus, daily business operations rely on good business writing skills to ensure all key stakeholders acquire the necessary information on time.

The source is significant to the study as it emphasizes the value of good business writing skills in an organization. The identification of the importance of good business writing skills is fundamental to understand where they are and/or can be applied in an organization. Thus impact to growth, competitiveness, and success of an organization.

This source resonates with the importance of effective business writing skills. The emphasis on the transformation of global business operations especially in the era of technology and the internet asserts the importance of perfecting business writing skills further.

Sicat, Alvin S. “Enhancing college students’ proficiency in business writing via schoology.” International Journal of Education and Research 3.1 (2015): 159-178.

In this article, the author Sicat Alvin examines the significance of the Learning Management System (LMS) Schoology in impacting the efficiency of business writing among college students. The author delves into the study of one hundred and thirty-five college students that take part in the exercise in two groups; control and experimental. Sicat (159) notes that LMS Schoology has profound impacts on enhancing the proficiency level of business writing among college students. Also, the use of traditional teaching approaches is key to supplement the LMS Schoology pedagogy. Thus, proficiency in business writing among college students is a continuous process that must be advanced continuously.

The article provides critical insights into the application of LMS Schoology as a fundamental approach to build and nurture business writing proficiency among college students. This is significant to the study as it outlines approaches that can be utilized to directly impact on the proficiency of business writing. The enhancement of business writing is consistent with the training approaches that nurture the students to acquire the knowledge and develop the skill.

The article syncs with other sources as it outlines key approaches that can be applied to enhance business writing proficiency. Thus, provide key lessons to significant teaching methodologies that impact to positive growth of students in learning new skills in business writing.

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