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As part of the management, it is my responsibility to put the customer’s satisfaction and wellness ahead of my personal benefits. In this regard, it is important to recall the sold units from the market and hold them until comprehensive laboratory testing is completed. Recalling the microsystems is a major setback for the organization and my income, bearing in mind that I need a lot of money for my newly purchased house, which I had purchased based on my income for the next few years.

The customers are not aware of the flaws in the system, moreover, the systems have minimum errors which account for 0.000001 percent. The microsystem is a new technology introduced by Futuristic Electronic Technologies ahead of competing organizations. Recalling the microsystems could lead to an increase in trust from customers since it shows that the organization puts the wellness of their customers as a top priority, increasing trust. (Sinha, 2015.) Increased trust leads to increased loyalty from the customers.

Recalling the systems, will give competing organizations a chance to catch up and introduce their microsystems in the market. It is a drawback to the organization since FET has the chance to dominate the market currently exclusive of competition, which is expected to emerge sooner or later. However, the organization has to recall the systems since it was our fault to let systems into the market before they were tested adequately. Moreover selling faulty systems to customers goes against business ethics, especially since customers are not aware. It is dishonesty to customers. (Sinha, 2015.)

Conclusively, I will encourage the recalling of all sold faulty microsystems. We can’t risk letting faulty systems to our customers since it is unpredictable when the error will occur. All systems released into the market have to be in good working state.

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