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Bulimia Nervosa in Teenagers | Custom Essay Help

Bulimia Nervosa in Teenagers


Identification of a Clinical Problem

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized by a series of continuous sessions where people focus on weight loss. While this may be viewed as an approach to avoid weight gain, it exposes individuals to life-threatening scenarios because of its unhealthy methods (Lecomte, Zerrouk, Sibeoni, Khan, Revah-Levy, & Lachal, 2019). In teenagers, the condition may affect their growth and development because of the inconsistent eating patterns that interfere with their perspectives towards life.

Research Question

What are the psychological causes of Bulimia nervosa in teenagers?

PICO Criteria


Teenagers encounter a wide range of challenges in their immediate environment that influence their perspectives towards life. Unlike adults, they are unable to make informed decisions based on various scenarios they experience. Their healthy status is attributed to increased participation in physical activities that hinder them from contracting various illnesses. However, their exposure to unhealthy eating habits can trigger a wide range of disorders such as Bulimia nervosa, which interferes with their growth and development.


Medical interventions include the prescription of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), which is commonly used as an antidepressant to manage anxiety and eating disorders such as Bulimia. However, the dosages will vary from teenagers to adults because of the quantity that is supposed to contain the medical problem. By joining a support group, it becomes easier for the teenager to interact with other people battling the problem. Sharing the experiences may change their perspectives and expose them to a path that allows them to benefit from therapy.


Selfcare is one of the approaches that can be used in teenagers because of their high energy levels that can be tapped through physical activities and consistent exercises. Importantly, weight loss is achieved through the adoption of healthy eating habits and continued exposure to a series of approaches that influence the perspectives of individuals towards life. Besides, acceptance plays a key role in the creation of an enabling environment that facilitates weight loss without compromising the teenagerโ€™s health.


Bulimia nervosa triggers cardiovascular complications because of the irregular heartbeat and possible heart failure stemming from the abnormal eating habits. The affected teenager may also experience dehydration that affects different body processes. Due to the numerous purging sessions, one may experience edema and a concurrent loss of sodium from the body. From this realization, there is a need to identify the different approaches that interfere with the perspectives of individuals towards life.


I framed this research question because of its ability to provoke the thought process of individuals regarding the rising cases of Bulimia in teenagers. Highlighting the issue exposes people to an enabling environment where they can understand different issues taking place in the community and how they can be mitigated using clinical approaches. Bulimia nervosa is dangerous because of the tendency of individuals to consume a lot of food then embark on a process of avoiding weight gain through excessive fasting (Cyr, Wang, Tau, Zhao, Friedl, Stefan, & Marsh, 2016). Unlike adults, teenagers may lack the discipline to adhere to medically-approved routines, exposing them to a series of problems that affect their health status. Conducting the study will promote awareness on the dangers of Bulimia on teenagers and the best medical approaches that can be used to contain the scenario.

Restating the Research Question

What are the psychological causes of Bulimia nervosa in teenagers?

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