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Brown Field Blues | College Homework Help



DATE: 20th April, 2021

SUBJECT: Farmer Brown will win the Lawsuit

Farmer Brown will win the lawsuit because of the conniving intent of Tex Austin to defraud him of his land. Even though Austin’s case is solid, the facts become scanty when he sues Farmer Brown using his oil exploration corporation, which he never mentioned during the early interactions with the ranch owner. Arguably, Farmer Brown feels cheated and is aggrieved by the scavenging nature of Tex Austin who sought to exploit the farmer’s limited knowledge about his farm.

Tex Austin can easily use the signature appended by Farmer Brown acknowledging his interest in selling the farm to Austin for $8 million. Although Farmer Brown had asked for $4 million, his change of mind and slight increased against the slightly lower value of the farm can also be contested. However, Farmer Brown made his stand based on a misleading and incorrect appraisal of his farm, which made him ask for more after deliberating the value of life. Likewise, the deceitful nature of Tex Austin can also be contested because of his interest in Farmer Brown’s farm, which he did not intend to rear cows.

The ability to win lawsuits is based on a person’s objectivity in making their case before a jury. In this case, Farmer Brown believes that Austin lied to him about his intentions, given that the land has a sentimental value to him. The court is likely to believe Farmer Brown because of his honest intentions, as opposed to the manipulative Tex Austin who is flexing the powers of his corporation to exploit and silence Farmer Brown. Even if Farmer Brown sold the land for the $100 million, he has been sued for, its value would still be lower than the slated amount.

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