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Brief Outline of Research topic Paper | Do My Essay

Regarding the ecosystems theory developed by Bronfenbrenner, kids are entangled in diverse atmosphere levels, stretching from the immediate surroundings at home to more spread-out surroundings instituted by the community and culture. The concept aids in developing an understanding of individuals’ features and behavior in the surroundings and society. This theory aids in creating an account of the diverse viewpoints that impact the character and growth of the person. The theory articulates that an individual may be in contact with five structures and interrelates with the system, affecting development.

Five environmental systems

The initial system involves a microsystem. According to Hutchison (2018), these are the foundations that directly affect the progress of a kid’s conduct or character. The person is in direct communication with these structures. For instance, in the case of a school going child, the household, peers, and associates are considered micro-level systems. Parents may integrate Microsystems in the assessment of the child’s behavior. This is considering the child’s peer groups, the family’s domestic situation and the type of treatment the child acquires from the trainers.

The other system entails the meso. This may be described as the connection between the diverse structures or may also be considered the linkages, for instance, in the child’s case, the connection or the relation between the teachers within the learning institution and the family.

The other system entails the Macrosystem. It is a superior system that bears a significant impact on a kid. It includes cultural beliefs that may be diverse for different geographical positions, devout principles, approaches that may also impact the child’s growth and behavior. Micro and mesostructures are known to fall under the Macrosystem umbrella.

The other system involves the exosystem. It is a system that bears an indirect impact on the child. The child is not in direct contact with the ecosystem structure. For instance, working parents and the working conditions not being conducive.  Parents are not known to behave in a hostile manner when at home. This is attributed to parents’ poor working conditions, ultimately affecting the kid’s behavior and growth.

The fifth system involves the chronosystem. This is a system that comprises different life happenings and patterns an individual experiences in the lifetime. For instance, divorce in the household has an impact on the kid. The effect is more during the initial period. However, it diminishes away gradually with time.

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