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Bridging Generation Gaps | Best Assignment Writers

Rapid changes in countries globally and increased growth in the technological sector have seen the generation gap increase over the years. Leading a multi-generational population can be challenging in this era. For this reason, during the pandemic, leaders have come together to ensure that the gap is reduced. This paper focuses on the effectiveness of leaders in reducing the gap during the COVID-19 pandemic through effective communication. Following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, leaders have successfully implemented measures against the pandemic through effective communication to the public.

Communication is vital because it ensures that the generations are interlinked and give meaning to each other’s lives (Venter, 2017). The use of cable, internet, and social media platforms created by the government has been used to share information on preventive measures against COVID-19. Since information about COVID-19 constantly arises, these platforms will be used to update on new findings. Arguably, a coherent leader will give feedback and new information on COVID-19 to the public in good time and accurately. This can be done through press briefings, television streaming, and radio stations. The government can also publish information on newspapers and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to eliminate doubt and fear. Different generations will have varying opinions and suggestions on how to deal with COVID-19. Considerably, a listening leader will put all ideas into consideration.

Engaging the public in decision making and collaborations will bring a sense of belonging and appreciation across the generations. Additionally, putting in place podcasts and discussion platforms across all ages will encourage ideas on how to deal with the pandemic. This will foster teamwork, a great relationship between people will mobilize them to a common goal of curbing the spread of COVID-19.

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