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Blog Posting – Persuasive Argument Assignment

In marketing a product, blog posts are the best solution that can enable reaching a large number of prospective consumers. A blog spot significantly ensures that the audience reads and gets more comprehensive information about the offered product. It also ensures that the readers have a well-laid picture of what a product entails and its benefits to the individuals.

Incorporating blogging into marketing is vital in that it is one of the least expensive ways for small businesses to drive traffic to the site. It enhances inbound marketing efforts, where it helps in attracting more customers for a product.  According to a recent report on marketing, almost 80% of firms that used to blog as a part of their marketing strategy acquire more clients through their blogging efforts (Duermyer, 2019). Blogging is also indispensable in that it helps boost the search engine optimization for a company website, hence aids to boost the number of sales.  This is since it constantly provides platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo with fresh content, which it indexes. Another major benefit of using Blog spots for marketing is that it helps develop and strengthen both the existing and new customers (McGeorge, 2020).  It provides an opportunity for a better conversation, which results in an increased number of sales of the product.  Through an active comments section, it is easier to follow the responses and comments, which helps build trusty and relationships.


There is a need for people to acknowledge that blog posts are vital tools for effectively marketing services and products. Through blog posts, it is easier to increase the visibility of a company website, leading to an increased number of consumers visiting the site.  It also helps encourage better communication by sharing responses, comments, and feedback, which can help monitor the quality of services and products sold.

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