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Birth Control Essay Sample | Assignment Help Online

In The Woman Rebel, Margaret Sanger shares her beliefs on how women can overcome the widespread suppression undermining their rights. Her views are based on the need to acknowledge the role of women in the community. Sanger and two other authors play a critical role in shaping the conversation on birthrights by narrowing down the importance of defying the laws against the spread of birth control information.[1] Even though Michael Dowling joined forces with Margaret Sanger, Anthony Comstock derailed their efforts by siding with the oppressors on the topical issue. Therefore, the authors have a divided take on birth control, which is attributed to their beliefs on the disparities of means, access to information, and women’s rights.

Unlike Comstock, Sanger was keen to defy the laws to contain the spread of information regarding birth control. In her numerous articles, Sanger focused on the various freedoms that women can use to make informed and independent decisions. In his part, Dowling backed his arguments using the religious perspective that enabled him to connect with his audience.[2] By highlighting the benefits accessible by individuals, Dowling’s approach differed significantly from Sanger regarding their views on contraception. However, Comstock drummed support for the legislation that countered the spread of birth control information, which made it impossible for Sanger and Dowling to accomplish their desired objectives.

Even though Dowling and Sanger adopted different approaches in pursuing their desired goals, they were united by the outcomes that shaped their involvement in birth control conversations. On the contrary, Comstock established the numerous disparities from Dowling and Sanger’s accounts, which prompted him to justify the legislative approach that countered the publishing of contraceptive information. From this realization, the scholarly accounts had a considerable impact on the promotion of birth control and individuals’ perception of contraception in realizing societal growth and development.

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