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Birth Control Options

One of the recommended birth-control methods for a 17-year-old sexually active female is the use of condoms. These devices can enable the client to prevent herself from getting pregnant. Condoms are useful in avoiding unwanted pregnancies and protecting people from sexually-transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, HIV, and gonorrhea. Also, they are easily accessible and cheap to purchase. No prescriptions are needed to use condoms. However, common disadvantages associated with condoms include tear or split if not properly use and irritations due to allergic reactions to the material used to make these products.

Intrauterine device (IUD) is another viable birth control method that a 17-year-old can utilize to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Depending on the preference, one can get the hormonal or non-hormonal device. IUD’s have a lower chance of causing unwanted pregnancies. They are highly effective in preventing pregnancies compared to options such as condoms and oral pills (Madden et al., 2016). For the non-hormonal devices, users do not experience any side effects such as acne, headache, and mood swings. Another advantage of the IUD method is that it does not interrupt sexual activities. Some of the disadvantages linked with the device include failure to protect the user against sexually transmitted diseases, painful insertion, and adverse side effects for the hormonal device.

Implants are other potential birth control methods available for a 17-year-old sexually active female. These are plastic rods placed under the upper arm’s skin to release a hormone that prevents pregnancy for up to three years (Amico et al., 2015). During this time, the user cannot become pregnant. Implants are highly effective and in-expensive in the long-term. However, users are prone to emotional changes such as weight gain, irregular bleeding, and failure to offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

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