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Bicycle Thieves Film

An Analysis of Bicycle Thieves Film

Mass judgments and the crowd mentality expose the different vulnerabilities associated with society because of their impact on securing justice based on empirical evidence. When solving legal disputes, the criminal justice system establishes an environment where both sides can be heard before a binding decision that is well informed can be made. However, in a public setting, the crowds ignore the importance of evaluating the cause of the outcome and its impact on the examined actions. Given the populace’s inability to make informed decisions, many of the results that emerge from mass political encounters disregard the role of evidence in resolving disputes in their immediate environment. The Bicycle Thieves film demonstrates the shortcomings of mass politics by capturing various incidents where their input leads to additional problems, hindering societal growth and development.

The Bicycle Thieves film succeeds in creating an enabling environment where people can witness the dangers of crowd and mass politics by utilizing various camera concepts and movements. Notably, the film directors use different camera angles to capture the emotional aspect that is often ignored during public interactions and other engagements that contribute to various community outcomes. In Fig 1.0, the close-up enables the viewer to understand the nature of the job and how the bicycle enabled Antonio Ricci to execute his job. While he could walk around with the ladder, it would be impossible for him to complete the task because of his inability to traverse the city within the stipulated time frame. In this regard, the camera angle exposes the viewer to intricate details about Ricci’s job and how the bicycle and the ladder enabled him to achieve his desired objectives.

After Ricci’s bicycle is stolen, he embarks on a mission to locate it in a nearby market place. During his interactions with one of the bike sellers, Ricci is keen to trace his bicycle using serial numbers. Even though his efforts are unsuccessful, the camera angles play an important role in showing his frustration. Fig. 2 demonstrates the importance of a camera angle in highlighting the wrong approach of mass politics and the strategies people should use when resolving disputes with strangers. Unlike friends who might be understanding, strangers are often defensive because of the limited trust between the two population groups. The varied application of cinematographic concepts enables film directors to convey intended messages, which appeal to the viewers. On many occasions, films rely on storytelling approaches and cinematography to accomplish their desired objectives. In this regard, the Bicycle Thieves film relies on close-ups, medium shots, and establishing shots to take the viewer through a series of events that are connected to its storyline.

The Bicycle Thieves film demonstrates the shortcomings of mass politics by capturing various incidents where their input leads to additional problems, hindering societal growth and development. By deploying multiple cinematographic concepts, film directors identify multiple techniques that influence the viewers’ thought process and incorporate them in narrating the selected story concept. In this film, the directors are interested in showcasing the masses’ vulnerabilities and how they fail to consider prevailing evidence before making a unanimous decision, which is always far from the truth. Therefore, film directors can use cinematographic concepts such as establishing shots, close-ups, and medium-shots to complement the selected storyline.




Fig 1.0 A scene in the Bicycle Thieves Film.

Fig 2.0 A scene in the Bicycle Thieves Film.

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