Beverage Consumption

Alcohol Consumption by 46-Year-Old Male

The recommended alcohol intake for an adult man in a day is two bottles of beer. Excessive consumption has several effects on one’s health. In particular, it inhibits nutrients breakdown into usable molecules since it diminishes the production of digestive enzymes by the pancreas. Additionally, it damages stomach and intestines cell linings, inhibiting the rate of nutrient absorption and preventing transportation of various essential nutrients into the blood. With nutritional deficiencies introduced by excessive alcohol consumption, the intestinal walls may become less capable of absorbing nutrients (Jani et al., 2021).

To enhance his dietary benefits, the man should forego taking alcohol. The rationale behind this recommendation is that foregoing alcohol intake is the best option that would rid the abovementioned health effects caused by alcohol entirely. For instance, Jani et al. (2021) indicates that alcohol consumption is the leading cause of disability and deaths globally. In this case, if the 46-year-old foregoes alcohol entirely, he would minimize chances of life-threatening injuries that may result in disabilities or lifelong scars. Another alternative is exercising regularly. In this case, switching the habit of going to a club for a bottle of wine or beer with exercises can rid the habit of excessive alcohol drinking. The 46-year-old man could be trying to reduce their stress by drinking. However, taking a gym class with a friend or co-worker is a great substitute as it improves a person’s mood, relieves stress, and boosts higher self-esteem. Otherwise, he should reduce alcohol intake to a maximum of two bottles daily. To achieve this objective, he can opt to take non-alcoholic alternatives, mocktails, which taste like their alcoholic counterparts but have not alcohol content. Alcohol free wines and non-alcoholic beers serve as a healthy alternative especially during social settings.

8-Year-Old Drinking 100 Percent Fruit Juice

Diet choices may affect an individual’s health. In this case, the 100 percent replacement of milk with juice implies that the 8-year-old girl consumes many calories. According to Maillot et al. (2019), high-calories juice consumption among American children is the primary cause of obesity. The recommended calories intake for an 8-year-old child is 1,600 calories. When combined with other meals, the girl is taking excessive calories.

An ideal recommendation for the girl is to take the recommended amount of water to keep her body properly nourished. Her parents need to ensure that the girl becomes accustomed to drinking water as the best option for quenching her thirst. The second alternative is drinking milk. Taking whole milk is known to deliver a plethora of benefits besides quenching a child’s thirst. It is rich in vitamins, which are integral for one’s overall health. Additionally, milk has multiple nutrients, such as phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and proteins, among others. Finally, the parents may give her succulent fruits and vegetables. For instance, cucumbers and watermelons have high water content, and eating them is enough to keep the young girl fully hydrated.

30-Year-Old Male Worker

The recommended total water intake for an adult aged between 19 and 30 should be a minimum of 3.7 liters, which is approximately 130 ounces, for men and 2.7 liters, which is about 95 ounces for women (Shaheen et al., 2018). Besides, water demands may increase based on environment and body activity. In this case, the male worker taking only 24 to 32 ounces daily implies that his water intake is far beyond the recommended range. As a result, he is risking dehydration. As a recommendation, he should take soupy foods. Whether hot or cold, choosing a vegetable-based soup or a clear soup may help the worker supplement his one bottle of water. Another alternative is trying flavored water. Some people may find water not interesting, and it might be the reason why the worker drinks only a single bottle of water. To help increase his water intake, fusing his water with flavors such as mint, lemon, cucumber, or strawberries can help give his water a better taste. That way, it would boost the amount of water he takes each day. Finally, turning to fruits and vegetables is an alternative to reaching the recommended minimum 3.7 liters for an adult male his age.

Personal Log

Day Beverage Volume
1 Soda


3 cans

3 cups

2 Coffee


1 Cup

2 Glasses

3 Coffee


3 Cups

1 glass

4 Coffee

Fruit Juice

2 cups

2 glasses

5 Milk


1 glass

2 cups

6 Coffee 3 Cups
7 Milk

Mountain dew

2 glasses

4 cans

Based on my personal log for the past seven days. My consumption has been on the recommended range on several days. However, there are instances when the sugar content in my beverages exceeds the recommended amount. Taking high sugar content, such as when I take three cans of soda, four cans of mountain dew, and three cups of coffee, places me at risk for gaining excessive weight or becoming diabetic. Thus, I need to regulate sugary drinks and instead opt for healthy alternatives such as water, milk, and fruits and vegetables.


Maillot, M., Vieux, F., Rehm, C. D., Rose, C. M., Drewnowski, A. (2019). Consumption patterns of milk and 100% juice in relation to diet quality and body weight among United States children: analyses of NHANES 2011-16 data. Frontiers in Nutrition, 6(117).

Shaheen, N. A., Alqahtani, A. A., Assiri, H., Alkhodair, R., & Hussein, M. A. (2018). Public knowledge of dehydration and fluid intake practices: variation by participants’ characteristics. BMC Public Health, 18(1346).

Jani, B. D., McQueenie, R., Nicholl, B. I., Field, R., Hanlon, P., … Lewsey, J. (2021). Association between patterns of alcohol consumption (beverage type, frequency and consumption with food) and risk of adverse health outcomes: a prospective cohort study. BMC Medicine, 19(8).

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