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Better Conditions in Jail Essay | Hire Homework Helper

The goal of the conditions set was to achieve the treatment of the detainees with human dignity. The jail was overcrowded, resulting in detainees scrambling for limited resources such as clothing and mattresses (MacDonald, 2018). This led to many missing out on the scarce resources offered hence living a deplorable life while the prison.  The goals, however, were subject to change during the suit as the primary issue that is overcrowding was often neglected. This brought about the plaintiffs filing for motions that would require the jail to be renovated in order to curb this recurring issue. The goals changed from having a dignified life while in prison to the changing of the prison system, such as outlined by the state.

The role of internal and external constituencies was to act as a control measure for the management of the jail; that is, they would oversee the changes to be made by the prison. They have the authority to appoint committees that were necessary to push the agenda in the political system for funding of the project and also appoint consultants who were essential in implementing the construction changes (Schlanger, 2013). They acted as the intermediary between the county and the management of the jail. The role of management was to implement the changes that the court had ordered to be executed. The management of the jail was charged with getting solutions to the issues raised and also request for funding from the county in order to implement the changes proposed. They acted as an intermediary between the court orders and the implementation of such changes.

The effectiveness of the management in directing the organization is minimal as it took years to implement the changes proposed. The performance of the management was below par as it took the interventions of committees and outsider help in order to complete the renovations necessary for the jail to be considered to have attained the minimum standard level. However, the management of the prison is not to solely blame for the saga as it was plagued with constraints in the course of the implementation process. The primary constraint was the lack of funds hence hampering the effectiveness of the management to deal with the laid proposals (Guetzkow & Schoon, 2015). The management often used the jail’s regular operating budget to implement some of the changes as the budget allocations request for the jail improvement was shot down by the county commissioners.

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