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Best Practices for IT security Management

Stakeholder Theory

According to Bridoux and Stoelhorst (2014), stakeholder model is a theoretical structure for business principles and management of an organization. The framework deliberates on the principled ideologies in a company or other company’s management. Bridoux and Stoelhorst (2014) indicate that “whereas an impartial style is more efficient in appealing, maintaining and encouraging mutual shareholders to generate worth, an arms-length outlook is extra effectual in encouraging egocentric shareholders with great bargaining influence. Every shareholder has diverse prospects and comfort levels regarding the management of the product by a client.  If a shareholder trusts that cyber security can advance their benefits by securing trademarked data, they may be more disposed to investing in cyber security protocols. Moreover, if an extra stakeholder trusts that heightened cyber security will profit the enterprise and the involved factions, then there is an increasing likelihood of approval. This is all dependent on the shareholder’s assurance on the practices that the administrator should comprehend to appropriately assess the diverse methods required to make gainful returns.  It is the director’s responsibility to choose which method can be of equivalent worth to every shareholder.

Social Contract Theory in Purchasing Requirements for Cybersecurity Products & Services

According to Tutunaru (2016), the social contract theory offers a viewpoint on methods individuals make use of their standards to cultivate a covenant that enhance the community they dwell in.  The company comprises of the organization and every individual involved or impinged on during the acquisition of business cybersecurity tools. Not only do the shareholders blossom, but also the consumers that utilize the products. According to Freeman (2010), cybersecurity apparatuses should meet the principles and abide by the needed company’s policies and the stakeholders. Social contract theory adopts the stance that individuals may make sensible selections founded on their lived occurrences. Moreover, the selections tend to generate a reality that stimulates the liberation of the person while also looking for the greatest conceivable result for the community. In safeguarding the enterprise from cases of outages, unauthorized access, computer Trojan horse, and burglary, the apparatuses required will promote the organization’s profitability and guarantee the assets are secure.

Selecting and Evaluating Cybersecurity Products & Services

According to Lord, (2016), more than six months may exceed prior to 100 percent identification of malicious documents. As a network extension, new workstations that are connected to the system ought to be safeguarded. When a member of staff is connected to the network through VPN on their private computer, a security assessment ought to be conducted before granting accessibility. Another grave ethical IT problem would entail theft of information and exposure of data that may be detrimental to the corporation or the public.  Third party leaks of proprietary software can likewise be damaging to a corporation.  Information may be interrelated to divulge more than what was believed to be originally revealed.  One of the best practices to safeguard information would be access control.  Accessibility to departments, for instance, accounting and IT must be restricted based on the need-to-know guidelines to safeguard both physical and data assets. According to Neal and Ilsever (2016), it may be challenging to track the number of approved users.  Identity protection is utilized in securing the processes, allowing network access and monitoring activities undertaken by every authorized user. Furthermore, the system offers extra safety by responding and jamming unsanctioned users from network accessibility.


Organizations must secure information and create sentience regarding the occurrence of intrusions. However, one may focus on the safety of high value information.  The five mainstays of information safety; response, detection, safeguard, preclusion, and documentation demonstrate the most significant business causes for the purchase of cyber security mechanisms. Financing cyber security tools should be incorporated to offer the way for systematic preclusion and effectual tracing after installation of systems and optimization conforming to the policies of the company. Cybersecurity should be contemplated outside the IT department by any individual bearing the privilege to access the network.

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