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beIN Sports Branding Strategy in Middle East | Research Paper Help

beIN Sports is among the best sport channels in Middle East. beIN sports broadcasts all sports across various regions with an efficient broadcasting range. The fact that beIN sports is in Middle East offers a range of multi-lingual sport channels to offer more options to sport fans in the Middle East that would like to consume sport content in English. The network is driven by a mission to build an emotional bond between fans and sports by constantly breaking new ground to offer viewers an interactive and immersive experience. Above all, beIN sports brand is sleek, passionate, talented as well as people-oriented. Considerably, beIN sports has offered a unique and new experience for watching sports on the television.


The brand is any sign, name, logo, symbol, and tagline that identifies the product as well as differentiates it from other competitive firms (Todor, 2014). A strong brand rises the chances of an increased customer base over its competitors due to the firmโ€™s ability to capture new and existing customers (Todor, 2014). Ideally, the brand is the complete story of what a business communicates and the insight that it leaves in the thoughts of its audience (Shabbir, Khan, and Khan, 2017). This may include the term, the sign symbol, or name, which identifies the company. For instance, the brand name helps in differentiating a product from its competitors (Alhaddad, 2014). Customers establish relationships with a brand that they trust and regularly consume the service of this brand.

The Brand name beIN Sports was revealed in 2012 in France and is a symbol of the mind frame of two channels that aimed to bring elite and live broadcasting of major sporting events. The current logo of the company dates back to the network launch. The logo is aimed at positioning the channel better globally through increased recognition. beIN sports uses the slogan โ€œchange the game.โ€ The slogan has propelled the brand forward and has enabled customers to have a personal association with beIN sports. The slogan always plays on emotions, is memorable, and suggests more meaning and connection to the consumers.

Brand Image

beIN Sports has a strong brand identity in middle east due to its well notable brand logo and name. It has become one of the most recognized brands since it symbolizes power, strength, and performance. The brand has strong ties with essential sports. (Alhaddad, 2014). The brand expression in Middle East creates the brand image to the customer (Severi and Ling, 2013). beIN Sports offers live coverage of all premier league matches right from English premier league, Series A, La Liga, Europa League, and others.

Figure 1: Brand Logo; source, (beIN Media group, 2020)

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is considered as the extent to which buyers distinguish a brand (Cakmak, 2016). Brand awareness shows how the target audience is familiar with the brand, and how easily they can recognize it (Koniewski, 2012). Ideally, creating brand awareness is among the major steps in the promotion of new products (Malik bet al., 2013). Brand awareness may involve consumer recognition of the qualities that distinguish the brand from its competitors. Brand awareness creates the brand trust. Considerably, when a consumer puts their proverbial face on the brand name, they are easy to trust. Thus, brand awareness offers the brand a personality as well as a human/brand relationship. beIN Sports has been engaged the sports fans through a variety of sports packages. The consumers have known beIN sports as a channel that offer sports packages. Through the sports package, one can watch all the global sports, regional, and international leagues such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, and other regional premier tournaments such as CAF.


Brand Equity

Brand equity is the total significance of a distinct brand. It shows how the customers perceive and act to a brand (Aaker, 2009). Positive perceptions and experiences lead to positive brand equity, while negative experience and perception lead to negative brand equity (Tariq et al., 2017). Compared to other sports channels, beIN Sports has brought major international sporting events, and unrivaled sports actions live (Sportcal, 2020). In the Middle East, it is the incumbent elite premier league broadcaster. The company also offera access to an inclusive magazine program that includes the post and pre-match shows, as well as the weekly warp programs and daily highlights (beIN Media group, 2018). They have a market-leading OTT service and beIN connect where the subscribers can watch all the premier leagues as well as the live stream games across mobile devices and tablets (Unlocator, 2020). BeIN sports broadcasts on satellite in Full HD and 4K as well as offering tablet, mobile and computer via beIN CONNECT (beIN SPORTS, 2019).

Figure 2: Live streaming at beIN sports; source, (beIN Media group, 2020)


Brand Attribute

Brand attributes are considered as the core values that define the overall nature of the brand (Shabbir, Khan, and Khan, 2017). This includes a set of unique characteristics and fundamentals that identify the physical and personality traits of the product. In middle East, beIN sports offers a TV guide that has TV channels and program schedules that broadcast various sporting events. beIN sports connect to live streaming for spirt packages, entertainment, and much more (beIN Media group, 2020). beIN Sports has created a unique experience of sports channels by offering the best live sport from all international premier leagues from different sporting events (Bein Sports, 2020). This strategy has created effective attachment of sports fans to the brands


beIN sports has a strong brand strategy, which has enabled the company to build a powerful brand in the Middle East region. The brand strategy is strong such that it inspires customer loyalty. beIN sports success has been attributed to its highly influential branding strategies that are designed to inspire consumers. beIN sports brand strategy analysis has included the brand character, brand image, brand essence, and equity. These have reinforced the perception of the brand as a high-end quality brand to the consumers.

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