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Balancing the Assembly Line and Measuring Efficiency | Assignment Help

Assembly lines enable corporations to maximize efficiencies by eliminating time wastage and other processes that create delays in accomplishing specific tasks within the allocated time. In making cupcakes, I started by setting up an adequate space in my kitchen to avoid any issues that would trigger unfavorable outcomes. I then assembled all the essential materials that would be used in making the cupcakes. Significantly, I separated dry substances from the wet substances to avoid mixing them up, which would yield undesired results. By designating start and endpoints, I created a visual image of the entire baking process that would enable me to increase the speed by eliminating any unwanted aspects that could slow my baking process. Creating small workstations and distributing each material to the specific work area enabled me to eliminate any confusion that would hinder me from accomplishing my desired outcomes. Therefore, creating an assembly line allows individuals to avoid unnecessary movements to locate specific materials critical to the production process.

Line Balance

The primary objective of line balancing is to accomplish various outcomes expected in different workstations within the entire production line. In this regard, setting equal time requirements enable me to create a seamless process that yields desired outcomes by eliminating obstacles, which would have affected the nature of developments in the baking process (Reddy, Reddy, & Raghukiran, 2018). If I had an unbalanced line, I would encounter various challenges that would interfere with my ability to increase my cupcake production. In this case, I had three workstations, which were allocated equal timelines to eliminate any bottlenecks that affect the workplace outcomes. Using the heuristic method enabled me to construct a precedence diagram that helped me identify any flexibility that can be stretched to increase productivity. Under this strategy, I determined the work done and allocated equal timeframes to work towards the maximum production of cupcakes. Although there are instances where my attention was consumed in Workstation B, I worked towards compensating for the time in Workstation C to create an enabling environment that enabled me to accomplish my desired goals and objectives.


In a manufacturing context, line efficiency is critical. It plays a vital role in distinguishing the approaches that people can use to overcome different bottlenecks that hinder organizations from achieving their desired goals and objectives. Notably, many manufacturing plants strive to operate slightly above the conventional efficiency standard of 65 (Nallusamy, 2016). However, it is a challenge to accomplish the expected standard of efficiency because of the measures that must be put in place to create a seamless process that enhances efficiency. In my single production line, the standard of efficiency that I strived to meet was 75 because of the limited processes and fewer workstations that the scenarios in a manufacturing plant. Even though I could have used the line efficiency formula, I was skeptical about its ability to yield favorable outcomes that would enhance my ability to achieve the desired results. I also identified the different factors that would affect my ability to achieve the desired outcomes and create a scenario that promoted my line assembly efficiency. Some of the possible reasons for lagging included low line configuration and time management problems.

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