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Background and Experience in Politics | Political Science Homework Help

Background and experience play a vital role in attaining political success. Voters are keen on aspects such as a person’s background and experience to enable them to make the right choice. Leaders represent their welfare and interests, and as such, there is a dire need to depict caution on the leaders that people elect. A leader possessing quality experience in politics but lacking charisma and TV skills may not likely assume the top leadership position. This is because voters are more interested in the image as opposed to experience. Background and experience play a vital role in the determination of leaders elected to head various leadership posts in an identified nation.

Is Someone’s Background Important?

A person’s background is an important aspect of consideration among voters. The development of key traits allows a potential leader to woo voters. For example, if a leader showcases traits such as empathy and morality, one is likely to assume a desirable position due to appropriate voter support.  Thus, an excellent background acts as an imperative element for success. Greenberg and Elliott (2013, p.315) note that voters are constantly searching for clues such as values, empathy, caring attitude, and morality. These are characteristics that portray a person’s background. Thus, the personal qualities of a candidate and their capability to determine their chances of assuming leadership positions. The image accelerates success in the political domain. According to Greenberg and Elliott (2013, p.322), looks and appearances are valuable elements in leadership. The authors give an example of a potential leader, Kennedy-Nixon, who won based on his good looks and appearance. He depicted a valuable poise, intelligence, and command of issues (Greenberg & Eliott, 2013, p.322). These personal characteristics saw him woo a majority of the voters to assume leadership. Besides the image, experience enables a potential leader to influence voters for elective posts. They often use manipulation or focus on being captive to internal leadership rules as viable ways of attaining success (Greenberg & Eliott, 2013, p.320). For example, an experienced leader knows what people want and desire. This makes it possible for them to influence voters to act in line with their expectations.

The issue of experience with no charisma or TV skills has often created debate across global segments. A person with quality experience but lacking charisma or television skills may not be in a better place to assume leadership positions. Voters often consider the image as opposed to experience. According to Greenberg and Eliott (2013, p.311), voters based their judgment not only on the promises and policies adopted by the leader but on the assessment of personal characteristics. Aspects such as body movement and speaking style are more paramount. A leader lacking television skills might not be in a position to portray excellent speaking skills and style to the voters. Charisma relates to the general attractiveness that develops inspiration and devotion to the followers. Appearance also dictates charisma. For example, the dress mode and communication style are crucial elements that expose the listeners to the message communicated by the potential candidate. Greenberg and Eliott (2013, p.316) reveal that candidates’ approaches integrated into the use of personal space, dressing, and speaking style help voters to understand the message communicated by the candidates. Thus, experience may not provide potential leaders with the chance of being elected if they lack charisma and appearance skills.

Overall, the image acts as a critical factor in global elections and leadership. Voters assess leaders in line with their image. A person’s background and development of positive characteristics translate to greater success in comparison to their experience. Even though a candidate’s image is vital, voters should pay more attention to imperative issues raised during debates. There is a dire need to move beyond a negative candidate image and focus more on what a potential leader can offer. In the same line, candidates should work hard to meet voter expectations. The adoption of viable communication approaches permits leaders to reach out to voters across all social segments. Connecting with voters’ aids in informed decision-making processes. Voters rely on insights learned from the leaders through communication processes to assess their general competency levels.

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