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Aviation Security Essay Paper | Homework Assignment Help

Measures that ensure safety of space travel are vital in combating threats that compromise aviation security and unlawful acts that interfere with flight operations. In attempt to alleviate risks to commercial and civil flights, the aviation sector performs a pre boarding screening process on airline passengers and staff. The pre-boarding security measure binds personnel involved in air transportation in adhering to the rules and guidelines laid out to ensure safety (Cheng, 2017). The process reduces risks to aviation terrorism by identifying threats, conducting criminal checks, and allowing or denying access to aviation fields.

It could be argued that failure to equalize the pre boarding screening process worldwide puts the aviation security into jeopardy. Passenger screening makes it possible to detect armament that could be concealed, identifies passengers through facial recognition, ensures that passengers have the correct required travel documents, and that their baggage is free of any material that poses a threat to flight security (Sakano et al., 2016). Passenger screening should be uncompromising across all departure points in the world if total security is to be achieved; there will consequently be surety of safety during travel and on landing across all airline routes.

The described aircraft repairman committed several crimes which include aircraft sabotage, theft, and compromising human lives. Firstly, the mechanic should have developed a model of the presumed alternator on a plane and safely tested it (Cheng, 2017). If successful, the repairman could then confidently install the alternator on the plane. As a result of the repairman’s ignorance and greed for money, a life was lost. The crimes committed by the mechanic qualify him for a severe penalty. The punishment could either be criminal prosecution or long-term imprisonment.

Operational efficiency and passenger safety include the main objectives of aviation security. The responsibility to ensure flight security is a shared one; the flight crew (aeronautical engineers, pilots, attendants, clerks, marshals, security guards, among others) and passengers should work together to ensure safety in all operations.

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