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Auburn Concert Report | College Homework Help Online

Montague: Intrada 1631 vs. Eastman Wind Ensemble

            Montague: Intrada 1631 is performed in a wide hall that looks like a theatre (The University of Texas Bands, 2017). There is an audience watching the performance live, and the stage is brightly lit. The performance begins in a mellow mood, with the audience rather quiet and peaceful. The presentation of the stage seems intimate as it is located below the level of the audience. There is a somewhat somber ambiance, with the lights dimmed and smooth jazz music being performed. The piece sounds traditional, as it is not the type of jazz that one would hear on the radio today. Some of the conspicuous members of the band are the drummers, the trumpeters, and the saxophonists, besides the conductor who looks carried away by the music. The piece begins with the drummers, little by little changing to the trumpets playing, followed by the trumpets and drums playing in unison. The drummers have a complex and quite unpredictable rhythmic activity, moving from their locations inwards towards the front while playing their drums even louder. The piece concludes in a fitting fashion, with the entire ensemble coming together and playing the same melody. There is a rather long pause after the end of the piece, with a high-pitched sound playing and rhythmically dropping into silence and applause by the audience.

Eastman Wind Ensemble is performed in a room that looks old, with a theater arrangement (Scatterday, 2010). Unlike Montague: Intrada 1631, the setup is different since the stage is elevated and the audience sits at a level below it. The performance begins with clapping when the instructor enters, followed by silence. The piece begins with a high-pitched note played by the trumpeters at the back, followed by a deep louder note. The saxophones then join in, developing a fast, high-pitched melody and harmony. Throughout the performance, the trumpets and the saxophones alternate, eventually coming together to play the same melody. Different melodies of different pitch and tempo are played, with the piece ending on a high note.

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