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Atomic Structure Report sheet Assignment | Get Homework Help

Pre-Lab Questions

  1. Describe the periodic table of elements.

It  is a tabular arrangement of chemical elements that is arranged by increasing atomic number and groups elements according to recurring properties.








  1. Where are the alkali metals located on the periodic table? Where are the noble gases located?

Alkali metals are found in group 1

Noble gases are in group 8







  1. Which of the following elements are halogens?


Mg           Cu          Br*           Ag


Ni           Cl*           Fe          F*


        Ne           I               Au          Kr

  1. Complete the list of element names and symbols.


1.  PotassiumK
2.  SulfurS
3.  NitrogenN
4.  MagnesiumMg
5.  CopperCu
6.  GoldAg
7.  ArgonAr
8.   sodiumNa
9.   potasiumP
10. ironFe
11.   chlorineCl
12.   silverAg
13.   bromineBr
14.   hydrogenH



A.  Physical Properties of Elements

Write the symbol for each element and describe its physical properties.

Physical Properties

Metal (M) /

Element       Symbol              Color                       Luster Nonmetal (NM)

Aluminum      Al                        silver              metallic                    M

Carbon       C                   black      nonmetallic       NM

Copper   Cu          copper                metallic                      M

Iron   Fe                  gray                          metallic                    M

Magnesium  Mg                 gray                          metallic                      M

Nickel  Ni        gray                metallic                      M

Nitrogen   N               colorless               nonmetallic          NM

Oxygen   O            colorless            nonmetallic       NM

Phosphorus  P                     white                         none                           NM

Silicon   Si           grey                   Metallic                      M

Silver   Ag                   White               metallic                      M

Sulfur  S          yellow             none                NM

Tin   Sn                gray                         metallic                   M

Zinc     Zn                   blue                           metallic                   M





B. The Periodic Table of Elements

Fill in the correct atomic # and the classification which BEST describes the element.

alkali metal, alkaline-earth metal, transition metal, Element     Atomic Number        metal, non-metal, halogen, metalloid or noble gas?

Aluminum             13                           alkaline-earth metal

Carbon              6                        non metal

Copper             29                     transitional metals

Iron                  26                     transitional metals


Magnesium             12                             alkaline-earth metal

Nickel              28                     transitional metals


Nitrogen                        7                              non metal


Oxygen              8                                     non metal

Phosphorus             15                             metal

Silicon              14

Silver               47                     transitional metals


Sulfur              16                     non metal

Tin               50                             metal

Zinc                              35

Questions and Problems

Q.1     From their position on the periodic table, categorize the following elements as metals (M) or non-metals (NM):

           Na    __M________

         S       ____NM______

    Ca ____M______

         Cu    ____M______

                  F          ____NM______

     Al  ____M______

         Fe     ____M______

         C       __NM________

Q.2           Give the name of each of the following elements:

           a. noble gas in Period 2____neon__________________________
           b. halogen in Period 2_______fluorine_______________________
          c. alkali metal in Period 3_______sodium_______________________
           d. halogen in Period 3________chlorine______________________
         e. alkali metal in Period 4_____potsium_________________________


C.  Subatomic Particles

Complete the table.

ElementAtomic NumberMass NumberProtonsNeutronsElectrons
 132713 1413
53 127537453



  1. Isotopes

Fill in the table.


Complete Symbol   Protons   Neutrons   Electrons




        432023 20






Questions and Problems

Q.3     A neutral atom has a mass number of 80 and has 45 neutrons.  Write its complete symbol.  80






Q.4     An atom has two more protons and two more electrons than the atom in question Q.3.  What is its complete symbol?




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