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Assault on Privacy Assignment | Online Homework Help

Socialization enables individuals to learn how to successfully function in their social worlds (Ibáñez-Cubillas, Díaz-Martín, and Pérez-Torregrosa, 2017). Social groups often offer the first experiences of socialization. The agents of socialization vary in effects across religious traditions. The agents of socialization that can impact social norms upon an individual including religion, family, peer groups, legal systems, economic systems, media, and language. Family is the first agent of socialization. This includes the father, mother, grandparents, siblings as well as other members of the extended family. Parent’s behavior and value patterns profoundly impact the children and their socialization process.

Mass media has played a role in Assault on privacy since nothing is private anymore. Pictures of items such as checks and cards are being posted. People can zoom in and rely on different technologies to clear an image and read it. The internet has been the most dangerous thing due to how easily individuals can find information about others. Individuals offering their personal information online are at a higher risk of assault on privacy.

Personal data is any sensitive information that relates to an identifiable or identified individual (Li, Wang, and Sun, 2017). Different pieces of personal details need to be kept private. Personal data that needs to be private includes personal Identification numbers, driver’s license number, social security number, patient ID number, passport number, credit account number, phone numbers, and technology asset information. It is important to keep personal data private since identity theft occurs once a person gains access to the victim’s data.

There are various actions that one can use to lower the risk of information threats and protect personal information. One of the most important things is to know who you are sharing information with, dispose of or store personal data securely such as social security number and enquire before agreeing to give personal details. Avoid filling the entire profile on social media sites since the more information or personal data you share on the internet the easier it gets for strangers to access information (Li, Wang, and Sun, 2017). Ensuring that strong passwords are set on electronic devices such as smartphones and computers will also protect personal information.

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