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Asian American Arts Final Paper | Homework Help Online

There is a need for creativity and innovative ideas when developing a gallery space for any given artist. In this case, there will be a well-planned gallery space that will show the case of five renowned artists’ works to pass a strong message on the role of art in enhancing creativity and innovation. The “human mind” themed gallery space will be in place to showcase the invention and the resemblance of artworks by the five artists. The five artists include Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Chen Chi-Kwan, Tseng Kwong Chi, Ahmed Mater and Sarah Sze.  The reason for choosing the five pieces of art is their creativity and the prowess and skills expressed by the artists who are diverse and different in their ways of executing art. I also feel that these artists have produced unique works that embrace humanity’s idea and showcase how differences between humans can create a better world. For the concept, I figured that it would best to have creative planning, where they would be placed uniquely, making each viewer follow the storyline and understand the context behind the idea of each particular artist.

The first piece will be Strong Woman and Child by Yasuo Kuniyoshi. This is a very thoughtful and creative piece, which is conscious due to its color and arrangement. Most of the paintings by Kuniyoshi are used to encode the experience of the artist as a Japanese immigrant in the US. This is a painting that talks about the strength of a woman, who is a circus performer. The painting needs proof about her power and how she uses it to protect her child, who seems perhaps a symbolic portrayal of the artist himself. The strong woman and Child are pretty interesting to watch since it has contrasting images of the woman and the child. Hence, it will be on the first corner of the space, where anyone entering the exhibition will see it. Placing the painting at the entrance will also give the viewer the right impression with awe and satisfaction, where they will get the desired destination.  This is the thought process of who I came to with the organization of my exhibition.

The second piece to be placed approximately 5 meters from the first is The Pleasure of Small Things: Early Ink Paintings by Chen Chi-Kwan. This is quite a contrasting painting to the first. It is an abstract piece with less bright colors. However, the painter is quite creative in developing one of the five pieces with five ink and paintings of paper on animals. The painting will be one depicting dragonflies and goldfish.  The reason for placing it there is since it is the easiest decision and the best placement for viewers. The artwork also gives a sense of creativity of the artist and diversity in the artist’s work. The piece is also exceptional because it is the only abstract painting in the collection of five, and is compared to the others, it is unique. Showcasing the painting in this position will give the audience the need to understand the artist’s creativity and innovation, which is the exhibition’s theme.

The third artwork will be by Tseng Kwong Chi, who is a renowned photographer. He is also a significant representation of creativity and uniqueness, given that his portraits are excellently executed. The piece to showcase will be the New York 1979 (Statue of Liberty) from the East Meets West Self-Portrait Series 1979–1989. The piece will be placed at the center in proximity to the first and second pieces. This is since it is different from the two and is a photograph. The work portrays New York City, with the statue of liberty being the image’s focal point. It brings new creativity and diversity.  This photo shows the viewers how photography looks and why it should be categorized in the same category as paintings. Overall the piece gave me a sense of the 20th century feeling in one of the largest cities in the world, and it is most likely to attract the viewers to view and notice the diversity in art.  Despite the difference between the other two pieces, this artwork deserves much more attention and adoration since it fits into the theme of innovation and creativity of artwork.

The fourth art piece showcased in the exhibition is by Ahmed Mater, a  Saudi Artist dealing with photography, painting installation, and video.  The art piece will be the Nature Morte, which is a very symbolic and creative piece. The viewers would be interested in the very colorful piece and have multiple details that may require one to analyze the meaning behind the artwork.  The art piece talks about the shifting urban environment of the city of Mecca. It maps the tension there is between public and private space. The piece tends to ask, “Is public space in the Islamic city becoming a luxury item? Is the courtyard becoming a commercial? It is a very ataractic piece, where does it showcase Mecca, the Islamic Holy city, and spark debates about its significance to the audience.  The artwork in this position will give the viewers a glimpse of contemporary art and a massive transition from the three other pieces.  In this piece, there will be more lighting, which will help in illuminating the image and helping the viewers understand that the piece talks about the future of a given city which is globally renown as the epitome of the Muslim religion.  The reason for picking this ice is that it would give the best transition from the last two pieces and showcase the power of art in expressing views that hurt society and can be used in passing social, economic, or political messages.

The last piece will be found at the last corner of the room and will be the final piece to which the viewers will set their eyes.  The art piece will be by Sarah Sze, which is called  the Random Walk artwork.  This is an entirely different type of art, which will cause massive interest from the viewers. The piece is done by an installation artist, a contemporary artist who operates at a nexus between architecture, sculpture, and drawing. The artist is unique and can be seen as a unique person who uses materials from found objects and reclaimed materials. The installation will be an essential piece at the showroom, where it has a simultaneous collapsing of the object and the image.  When the viewers view the piece, they will be awed by  the topological nature of the work and destabilization. It is also very conspicuous, noticeable, and wild, hence an excellent conclusion for the viewers visiting the showroom.  The artwork gives the viewers a view of the unique perspective system through the visual and physical engagement of looking. The work is also very unique in that it makes the viewers see the piece within a particular temporal and spatial context. As much as the piece does not necessarily relate to others, it highlights the future of art and how art has evolved. It also relates to the theme of the exhibition.  As the viewers it is this last part of the exhibition, I hope that they will be inspired by all the pieces they have seen, and will admire and relate with the levels of creativity which has been proven by the artists who are of different diversity and have different styles of developing art.


In conclusion, this article summarizes the theme of creativity and the uniqueness of artists of different times and styles. The artwork’s placement in a unique manner helps the viewer walk through the journey of art development and admire the creativity showcased by the artists. This is an excellent exhibition that will be eye-opening and tell different stories of art uniquely and differently. By having a creative planning of the show room, the n the viewers are able to identify a uniqueness in the patterns. They will also be able to easily follow the storyline and understand the context behind the idea of each particular artist.





Figure 1The Floor plan


Figure 2 be Strong Woman and Child by Yasuo Kuniyoshi.

Figure 3 The Pleasure of Small Things: Early Ink Paintings by Chen Chi-Kwan.


Figure 4 the New York 1979 (Statue of Liberty) from the East Meets West Self-Portrait Series 1979–1989 by Tseng Kwong Chi

Figure 5 Nature Morte by Ahmed Mater

Figure 6 Sarah Sze, the Random Walk artwork

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