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Artificial Intelligence Analysis Paper | Homework Help Online

Source: Cellan-Jones, R. (2014). Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind. BBC news, 2, 2014.


Over the years, various innovative tools have been introduced to overcome the challenges affecting people’s lifestyles. Importantly, individuals are cautioned against succumbing to specific problems when they can utilize some of the recently added innovations that demonstrate their ability to improve their lifestyles. From this realization, understanding people’s needs requires individuals to engage in a series of activities where they can overcome their problems and make informed decisions that reflect their ability to handle issues. Likewise, artificial intelligence enables corporations to make informed decisions that reflect on their ability to handle the different problems affecting their ability to predict the future. From this realization, countries can develop viable policies that enhance the ability of individuals to accomplish their desired milestones. Therefore, evaluating the views of existing authors creates a vital talking point where individuals can recognize issues affecting them and make informed decisions that demonstrate their importance to handle problems.

Source Analysis

Many scholars have developed numerous arguments and opinions concerning the ability of individuals to align their interests with modern technology. Even though a section of the public has limited knowledge regarding the application of artificial intelligence in the world today, developing a consistent argument that informs the people about the benefits and consequences of the technology is essential. Cellan-Jones (2014) describes Steve Hawking’s discussions regarding development. The author discusses empirical evidence gathered from his interaction with Hawking and how he is skeptical about the innovation. Regardless of its impact on people’s lifestyles, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be used to eradicate the whole of humanity if the technology falls on the wrong hands. Given the circumstances revolving around people’s lifestyles, individuals can fail to realize the approaches that should be used to handle their problems. Hence, people can be informed about the technique and its impact on their lifestyles.

Cellan-Jones, R. (2014) utilized the power of ethos where he warns the audience on the end of human race as a result of Artificial Intelligence. He begins by stating that “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”. The author also indicates that, although human may be unable to achieve full power on artificial intelligence, this could be achieved in a few more decades to come. Ethos tend to utilize the spirit of culture, era or community in manifesting aspirations and attitudes. Ethos is also evident in other sections of the text. Given their functionality, it is impossible to turn them off after being launched, creating a hopeless situation that demonstrates the risks of artificial intelligence. Losing control over such a critical piece of technology has compelled individuals to review their relationship with technology and other innovative tools. As an aspect of ethos, the author claims that the continuous commitment of A.I. technology will overlook activities that may appear normal yet essential in the modern world. Although many people are unaware of the benefits associated with A.I., there is a need for individuals to engage in activities that expose them to real-time experiences on the application of modern technology.

The use of pathos is clearly evident where the article by evoking the emotions of the audience by creating a sense of pity and sadness. From the article, he claims; “we cannot quite know what will happen if a machine exceeds our own intelligence.” This is a critical persuasion tool that the author utilizers in order to created an emotional understanding on the author’s side of view. Individuals are advised to consider various approaches that affect their ability to create innovative strategies that define their values towards life. Likewise, requiring individuals to consider the risks before implementing the techniques is an important starting point that exposes individuals to an enabling environment where they can evaluate the impact of modern innovations in the contemporary world.  The author also adds that autonomous weapons are created using technology methods that allow handlers to control them from a virtual location. Since the guns are designed to kill, having them being controlled by wrong people can be devastating. Artificial Intelligence wars can lead to mass killings because of their significant impact on humanity. This technique adequately draws the readers emotions into the article.

The use of logos by in the article appeal to the readers power of login and reasoning. In the article, individuals are urged to understand the role of innovative technologies such as A.I. because of their ability to influence their lifestyles. According to the author, artificial intelligence has proved to be an essential resource in the modern workplace. He emphasizes on his view that AI will create new job descriptions that fit the expectations of employees in the business environment. Jobs that are different from the responsibilities being undertaken in the world today will be created. A.I. has the potential to influence outcomes and regulate interactions between individuals where people are aware of the issues affecting them than before. Therefore, the integration of logos is shaped towards emphasizing that modern corporations require data analysts and other professionals who can interpret the findings and enable them in their decision-making process.



The author has effectively utilized the three persuasive techniques, Ethos, pathos and logos to enhance the readers understanding. Evaluating the views of existing authors creates a vital talking point where individuals can recognize issues affecting them and make informed decisions that demonstrate their importance to handle problems. On many occasions, innovators ignore the risks associated with their technologies because of their focus on creating viable products that solve modern problems.

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