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Article Review sample

Article: Ember, S., & Glueck, K. (2020, April 13). Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe Biden for President. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/13/us/politics/bernie-sanders-joe-biden-endorsement.html


The subject discussed in the article revolves around the endorsement of Biden by Bernie Sanders for the presidential position. At a period when Biden encounters opposition from young voters, Sanders’s support is significant in uniting Democratic representatives against Trump. Government actors involved in the story comprise of Joe Biden, a Democrat nominee for the presidency, and Bernie Sanders, a senator. Sanders’s decision to endorse his former rival is a clear indication to his loyal supporters that they should do the same. It surprised many of the progressive groups that had supported his candidature and that are currently resisting the prospect of Biden becoming the candidate. The challenge, however, is for the two officials to develop an agenda that carves in Biden’s moderate ideological views and attracts more progressives (Ember and Glueck, 2020). Further, Biden will have to convince Sanders’s supporters that he will prioritize their interests. Several critics and activists countered Sanders’s approach stating that there was much to be done since he still had to persuade young individuals. However, Biden urged him to incorporate appropriate strategies to influence young voters. The two acknowledged the virus’s impact on the political forum and the election period.

The non-government actors comprise of the young progressive voters who are against Biden, the activists and critics who were against Sanders’s support for Biden and organizational representatives who acted as Biden’s advisers. The source appears to have a political bias because Trump is portrayed negatively while other concerned parties are favored (Ember and Glueck, 2020). Particular terms, including campaign and political party, helped me to better understand the article. The article utilizes these terms several times. I was able to identify that Biden and Sanders belong to the Democratic Party and that the use of campaigns enabled them to access many supporters.

Personal Opinion

The significance of political alliances to presidential candidacy, which was recently updated in news articles, corresponds with multiple concepts associated with political and social ideologies. Alliances and government coalitions are perceived as potential tools for comparative politics, from the characteristic transition and consolidation of democracy to the comprehension of how socio-economic complexities of a society interact with politics. The contemporary experiences of numerous democratic societies demonstrate that development is facilitated against settings of dynamic party systems, and alliances have become acceptable elements of democratic politics prompting power-sharing and the recognition of diversity as crucial components of a successful government. Whereas much of the governmental policy directives are established through ministerial application and portfolio allotment, the broad ideological structure for government is founded on the processes of manifesto commitments and electoral campaigns. Besides, while conjectural projections of coherent alliances are ideals, practical situations assert that limitations and countervailing stressors need to be considered. Therefore, while the formation of partnerships can promote the probability of winning, it is not necessarily a guarantee as other oppositional factors can prevent this from occurring. Coalitions indicate that working relationships can be fostered in the government, as evidenced by the alliance between Biden and Sanders. With the partnership formed, there is likely to be a shift in the temporal variation of party interests and extra opposition factors. This implies that the two may encounter greater opposition, now that it is evident that they are working cohesively. Further, an alliance between the two increases their bargaining power; thus, Biden will have to consider Sanders’s opinions, unlike previously, when he relied on his views.

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