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Article Review Example

Article Review: Public Policies, Made to Fit People

The public policy area entails governmental decisions meant to influence and change various local and state processes. Political actors also play a vital role in the development of public policy. Its central aim is to maintain order as well as address the needs of a given population. The government must involve other stakeholders, such as social scientists. A large segment of social issues are behavioral and calls for the integration of social scientists to develop plausible interventions (Thaler, 2020). It accelerates government’s efforts to address massive challenges occurring in the social setting. Notably, the never-ending uncertainties that emerge can be addressed through close collaboration between the government and social scientists.

Political and economic systems act as the main factors that determine the development and implementation of public policy. Aspects such as voting patterns and interests control the ability to develop actions meant to address a current issue. Notably, the economic status of a nation highlight if prompt and quality responses need to be undertaken to counter an existing or emerging issue. Facilitating an analytical process guarantees viable proposals, adoption, and implementation of the most feasible policy option. Elements such as externalities, spillover effects, and collective goods, initiate possible interventions that the government can adopt to address an issue. This calls for an assessment of distributive, redistributive, competitive, and protective regulatory policies. They avail a right guide and direction for making appropriate decisions.

The incorporation of an essential and potential theoretical perspective helps the government and other key stakeholders to make the best decisions. Depending on the challenge at hand and intended outcomes, the government liaises with its stakeholders to adopt a fundamental theory. The commonly used approaches include incremental and rationalist-comprehensive policy options that can address issues that limit overall growth and development.

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