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Article Review Discussion Example | Online Assignment Writers

Article 1: Consumer Reports. 5 Ways to Help You Know If There Are GMOs in Food. https://www.consumerreports.org/food-safety/5-ways-help-you-know-if-there-are-gmos-in-food/. Accessed 1 Oct. 2019.

After Obama signed a law nullifying the state genetically modified organism labeling laws, it has become relatively harder to distinguish between foods that contain that GMO and those which are GMO-free. To spot food without GMO will, therefore, require more attention to details and specific labeling to establish the products with GMO and those without (Consumer Reports).

Walking to the supermarket in the current times to look for natural foods has become quite a hard task. This is since most foods are poorly labeled, and their ingredients barely labeled, hence meaning that it takes extra effort before acquiring the type of food that one may require on the table. This shows that many companies are afraid of telling the truth about the content of their foods, because they fear that the majority of the consumers are gradually getting attracted to organic foods, unlike in the past.

Question: What are the benefits of having organic foods over foods which contain GMOs?


Article 2: Hill, Josh, et al. 16.2 Finding Your Sources. https://composingourselvesandourworld.pressbooks.com/chapter/16-2-finding-your-sources/#goog. Accessed 1 Oct. 2019.

Wikipedia is a platform that helps the user in searching for a huge range of matters and is very helpful in researching all critical matters. Wikipedia can be used for process guides, making reviews and also conversing, information on Wikipedia can be revised and shared (Hill).

Wikipedia has been very significant in providing information to many on past happenings, histories and about any major world happenings. Through Wikipedia, one can tell about the state of the nations, artists, global leaders and also international happenings, where information is timely updated.

 Question: How has Wikipedia revolutionized the exchange of knowledge globally?

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