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Marketing is one of the essential elements in the corporate business sector. The emergence of global pandemics cam threatens the welfare of a business. The marketing approaches undertaken by an establishment determines its continued presence in the market and growth progress. Brands that move the extra mile to adopt unique approaches have improved survival in the market. Consumers are increasingly developing a negative attitude and perception towards brands that offer the same message over time. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, some brands continue to focus on generic messages such as staying at home and togetherness. Such businesses fail to resonate with the consumer market due to the adoption of a similar approach over time. The integration of creative and innovative strategies allow global firms to connect with their clients. Hammett (2020) notes that clients are starting to get fed up by ads that appear the same and have no additional value since they do not highlight anything unique about the business. It would be vital for such firms to incorporate aspects that dictate their next brand while at the same time, referencing the current situation.

Brands that perform better in the market chose creative and distinctive platforms. They select powerful and original messages that the clients can resonate with as they look forward to developing a unique brand (Hammett, 2020). This is an effective way of enabling consumers to feel that the business is keen on their future interests after the end of a pandemic. Notably, it shows that a business is concerned about the current welfare, where its main plan is to develop affection, love, and warmth during the harsh times. Thus, well-performing brands during pandemics select a creative marketing cue because they have a higher chance of capturing the attention of a large segment of the consumers. These brands offer consumers a different feeling compared to other existing alternatives in the market.


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