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The article expounds on the American version of the government, where the author elucidates on the two principles. The principles include the separation of powers and federalism, which creates distinct units of national and state governments, each having rights that are both divided and shared (Allison 5). The author is also very comprehensive on the issues of Federalism and its meanings, where he gives the various descriptions of the term used by previous statesmen. From the article, the issue of democracy in America, and what the leadership and system of governance effects were on the policies in the country are also thoroughly explained in the article. 

According to the author, federalism is one of the signal American contributions to modern politics, which is traced to the constitution drafting. The article traces the history of American federal from the colonial bookings of the country (Alission 42). According to the author, the federal belief became a foundational principle and a factor that greatly aspired the political enterprise of the Americans.  The report also expounds on the need for federalism and how the Great Depression affected it.

           I agree with significant points states in the article regarding the issue of governance, politics, and leadership in the US. I also concur with the author on the issue of federalism and the impact of democracy in the leadership of the country. I am of the opinion that the author was comprehensive on matters regarding the description of democracy in the US, how it has been influenced by federalism over the years. In general, the article is well thought and broad and can be used by scholars and future studies on matters of political studies and governance in the United States.

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