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Article Review Essay Example | Free College Essay Sample

Here is a sample detailed book review written for college.

Section I: Article Summary

The Harvard Business Review expounds on the changing business environment and the role of employers and the Human resource department as a general. According to the article, the workforce and the way people work are also rapidly changing, hence creating a demand for the leaders to shift their focus from the process but rather pay more focus to the people.  Every leader needs to think differently about the role of creating and maintaining employee experiences (Havard Business Review, 2019). They need to also help in building operating models, which can enable technologies to create an environment, where the workers are well taken care of and treated like the key drivers of value.

To keep up with the changing environments, leaders in organizations need to ensure that they have a diversified workforce demographic.  This will enable the firm to shape its company culture and deliver on an employee value proposition.  The HR leaders in organizations also need to have a shift to the consumer mindset. This will be by seeking tailored employment experiences that align with the goals and values of an organization. According to the article, the workplace has been evolving, hence creating the right employee experiences can assist a firm in retaining high-value employees, who can hence deliver competitive advantage (Havard Business Review, 2019).  The firms, nevertheless, have to create enabling environments for the employees, to make them more productive and innovative. Treating the employee right is also critical in that it ensures that employees are committed to their work, and the goals and the objectives of the company. It enables in reducing high turnover rates, which as a result help in contributing to measurable savings.

Organizations are hence required to have mechanisms, which enable the workers give real-time feedback and sentiment analysis, making them heard and help the firms to swiftly respond to the raised matters. Enhancing employee experiences at the workplace can also be critical in ensuring that there are structural elements, which shape the work and the experiences of the workers (Havard Business Review, 2019). Workers need to be surrounded by a platform of human-centered services that are supported by HR, a factor that will boost their experiences and help them work towards attaining the set goals and objectives in place.

Section II: Application of Textbook Concepts

The key concepts from the lesson include the changing Equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations.  These laws and regulations on how to treat employees have been changing, due to the shifting paradigm of the working environments and structures of organizations. EEO laws entail the legislations that outlaw discrimination and harassment at the workplace, hence ensuring that companies accommodate workers of different diversity and social classes without discrimination and stigmatization. From the article, it is apparent that organizations are required to respect and accommodate persons of all diversities, which is in line with the textbook concepts. There is a need for all the workers at a given organization to feel accepted and appreciated, which in return enables them to feel free to be more creative and innovative in their day to day activities.

From the article, there have been constant changes in the working environment. This includes the changing trends of workplace issues and the regulations in place. Other changes include a shift in the diversification of the workforce demographics, a rise of contingent labor, and more use of modern technology (Havard Business Review, 2019).  Nevertheless, organizations have to adapt to the changes and ensure that despite the changes, the rights of the workers are observed mad that they continue creating more conducive environments for the employees.  Failure to keep up with the changes, will demoralize the workers and fail to maintain better experiences for them. Consequently, this will deter them from keeping up with the company culture, values, and ultimately failing to attain and the set goals and objectives.

Section III: Article Analysis

EEO laws and regulations have been in place, since 1964, where they ban most discriminatory hiring practices. The laws and regulations have been constantly amended and updated over years to ensure that all workers are protected against any form of discrimination in the events of job hiring, firing, and even in promotions.  The laws have been amended over years to ensure that firms are made more conversant with how they treat their workers and also be cognizant of the consequences of failing to abide by such laws.

Amending the laws to ensure that everyone is treated equally in the workforce, as result, ensures more diversification of workers and encouragement of top-notch talents to a firm. From the article, it is apparent that having a more diversified workforce with a better working environment boosts the productivity of the employees which consequently leads to the growth of a firm.  Equal and fair treatment of the workers also helps in the creation of a more suitable working environment, where there are better relationships amongst the employees, and with the employers.   It is also apparent that having a multigenerational workforce greatly encourages diverse types of employees, with different strengths and capabilities, which is vital for the growth of any given firm.

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