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The articles provide quality information on how legal systems and structures should operate. Across all courts and other legal institutions, the systems in place should be structured to meet the welfare and interests of all parties. Criminal law should be directed towards ensuring that justice prevails. The issue of mental challenges comes out strong in these articles to explain the jury’s position when dealing with defendants exposed to associated problems. These individuals might not be able to control themselves and might thus be deemed as being under the influence of mental issues when committing a crime. However, this should never be used as a justification for engaging in criminal activities. As Litwack (1984) reveals, the idea that it is wrong to punish people for committing actions that they could not prevent themselves from committing due to mental health problems is not appropriate. It leaves criminals in a situation where they can walk free. The decision should always be left in the hand of the jury. Through the evidence provided in the court, the jury will be in a position to decide if the defendant’s mental status is a condition likely to expose them to the crime they committed.

Overall, these articles provide an overview of the need to observe ethical concerns when passing a ruling. The jury should always offer a fair hearing for the defendant and the plaintiff. This is an effective way of building a reputable image of various legal institutions globally. Irrespective of the circumstances that led to a crime, the jury must always provide a fair hearing. This creates the opportunity to build fair and just legal systems and structures. I believe that the texts have exposed the audience to the logical and ethical elements surrounding legal institutions.




Litwack, T. R. (1984). The moral foundations of the insanity defense. Criminal Justice Ethics, 3(1), 12-19.

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