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Article Opinion Paper

The article offers a solution to unsolved cases that have derailed due to the lack of evidence. Courts and other judicial systems have failed to provide the desired level of justice due to the lack of advanced technological systems that enable them to collect sufficient evidence. The article offers insights on advanced forensic insights that have opened opportunities to deal with these delayed cases. For example, some of the historical crimes deemed unsolvable can be effectively addressed through this modern technique (Hughes & Jonas, 2015). This improvement shows the potential of the time factor in positively changing the judicial industry. Unlike in the past, when these legal institutions lacked structures and systems capable of facilitating access to quality evidence, the modern setting has been highly defined by the expanded use of advanced forensic techniques. This article also improves the handling and management of criminal investigations in a contemporary environment defined by massive and confusing forms of crime.

Overall, this article provides solutions that boost the image of global legal systems. It exposes various stakeholders to the use of advanced forensic investigation systems and structures that offers viable answers to some of the challenges that have continued to define this critical domain. For example, cold cases have increased progressively, raising intense questions linked to the criminal justice system’s role (Hughes & Jonas, 2015). These cold-case investigations can be effectively dealt with through the application of forensic science. This article opens room for expanding legal systems that institutions can rely on to provide justice to affected persons. For instance, those persons who failed to obtain justice in the past can now seek similar opportunities. It acts as the future of crime investigation approaches since it boosts the capacity of law enforcement officers and other judicial officers to collect, analyze, and pass relevant decisions.

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