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Article Critique: Key Trends in Workforce Management and New Challenges for HR

Workforce management of organizations has the key task of ensuring compliance with rules and laws both at local and national levels. The relationship between employer and employees usually affects the legal compliance with management laws within the workforce. Failure to comply with labor regulations, there are numerous risks that can generate substantial costs and drag the company’s performance. The Moschetto (2013) article, β€œKey Trends in Workforce Management and New Challenges for HR” seeks to address some of the issues that human resource teams encounter with the emerging new laws and regulations and the automated management process. According to the article, organizations faced various problems related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, compliance to employment law, fatigue risk management, leave tracking and compliance, staff scheduling, time and attendance tracking.


From the article, there are key findings regarding compliance with laws and regulations. First, keeping pace with constant law changes and regulations are the biggest concerns for HR teams which is a challenging task. Thus, it is the responsibility of the employers to make sure they are up to date on all laws and policies, as well as ensuring their employees understand all policy changes and complying with them (Moschetto, 2013, p8). Another finding is that the increase of entitlements and sick-time ordinances was a common challenge amongst businesses. HR teams have to deal with last-minute leaves by employees which affects employee availability (Moschetto, 2013, p9). Affordable Care Act regulation adds to the challenge due to the large number of independent contractors as well as temporary employees that may or may not be considered employees all of which is dependent on the circumstances of their work. HR failure to manage labor compliance has resulted in fines and penalties (Moschetto, 2013, p9-10). Therefore, it is of the greatest importance that HR comprehend the severity in addressing these challenges.

The relationships between employers and employees are greatly affected by the legal compliance of management regulations. According to Kurt (2020), Federal law requires that employees are educated on particular health and safety-related matters, and sexual harassment training must be conducted. Also, an employer must comply with tax laws for all employees that work within their business unless they are an independent contractor, who then is responsible for complying with all tax laws. The article provides reliable data on the matters facing the department of human resources at the workplace.

Although the Moschetto article provided significant insight into the challenges facing employers and employees, it did not focus on other forms of relationships between employers and employees. The article does not disclose how the legal compliance process is conducted on the independent contractors, volunteers, interns, learners, and other temporary members of the staff. Β The article’s ideas have limited application across the workforce due to different businesses having varying structures. Automated management strategy could be effective for time and attendance management in small trades with few employees. A large number of workers may challenge the effectiveness of human resource management.


The HR teams would operate more effectively when there is a stabilization of the state and federal laws (Rodriguez, Johnstone, and Procter, 2017). The main challenge in the management of the workforce lies in compliance with laws and regulations. The rules are essential but their compliance may become a burden for both employees and employers. Thus, effective training is necessary to ensure HR teams are equipped with significant skills on how to manage challenges encountered and building a healthy employer-employee relationship in the organization.

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