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 Article Analysis 2


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Article 1

Solvik, E., & Struksnes, S. (2018). Training Nursing Skills: A Quantitative Study of Nursing Students’ Experiences before and after Clinical Practice. Nursing Research & Practice, 1–9.



Article 2

Metzger, L. M. (2017). Are Patients Satisfied with Telehealth in Home Health Care? A Quantitative Research Study in Congestive Heart Failure Patients. SMGerontologyandGeriatricResearch1(2), 1009


Broad Topic Area/TitleExamination of the effect of clinical laboratory practices and training sessions on Nursing skills and practices.Examination of patient satisfaction with Telehealth in Home Health Care.
Define HypothesesTraining and experiences prepares nursing students and improves their transition into real life care.Telehealth has changed health behaviors and management of chronic disease through care and education to patients.
Define Independent and Dependent Variables and Types of Data for VariablesIndependent Variables: Clinical Laboratory Practice Models and Learning Sessions

Dependent variables: Nursing Students Skills and practices

Independent Variables: Telehealth in home care

Dependent Variables: Total Patient Satisfaction on old adults with congestive heart failure.

Population of Interest for the StudyThe population of interest are the nursing students. The researcher wants to understand more about the importance clinical laboratory practice models and learning sessions on nursing skills and practices. The purpose of the study was to try out different learning sessions on a group of nursing students and examine their influences on transition into real life care.The population of interest patients that uses the telehealth technology for home health care. The research wants to examine the patient satisfaction with or without telehealth technology in home health care. The purpose of this study was to examine the satisfaction of old adult patients with heart failure and their satisfaction when using telehealth versus the normal home health services.
SampleThe population of study was 160 first-year students.The population of study was eighty six participants between the age
Sampling MethodRandom sampling was used to select the participants in the study. Random sampling makes sure that every element has an equal chance of being selected.The study used a volunteer sampling which is a form on non-random sampling. Volunteer sampling involves participants that are willing to engage in the research. The samples were obtained from patients of independent health agencies.
How Were Data Collected?The data was collected through questionnaires that were answered in an interval of six months, first after the training session and the other after a clinical practice.Data was collected through questionnaires that were used in determining the different in patient satisfaction between the normal home health services and telehealth care. There were two questionnaires used for the study; one for demographic questions and one for the home care client satisfaction survey.


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