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Art in The Era of Internet Essay | Do My Homework Online

The Birth of a Medium

After the invention of the internet in the 1980s, art evolved into something relatable in the internet world. One such design was the creation of animated GIFs. Gif is an image that has been coded using the graphics interchange format, whereby multiple frames are coded into one image file (Gens, 2017). When the file is opened in a web browser, it plays them automatically in animated sequences. GIFs enhanced art in the fashion world when gifs were used instead of still pictures hence improving the end-user consumption of the product displayed. Gifs have led internet users to broaden cast their infinite moments, which would have otherwise been lost on a still picture. The gifs create a realistic sense into the moments the person is sharing, and it also lets other people have an in-depth feeling of the moment. This is the next step in the evolution of photography as the moments captured will have an everlasting internet footprint; hence people can always relive the moment as if it was a live scene to them.

The Art of Glitch

Glitch is a malfunction on a system that makes the system function abnormally (Karkouch & Mousannif et al, 2016). Glitch art is manipulating technology in a way that something out of the norm happens. There are two types of glitches, the normal glitch, which happens without external interference, and generated glitch, which is a result of manipulation of the system. Glitch art is a form of communication, as it shows that persons’ perceptions are not really what they seem to be.  When data is corrupted in a file to produce a glitch, the resulting corrupted data show a different side of the file, which the end-user was not aware of was there. When one understands this notion that the tools can be corrupted to create two versions of itself, one has a better understanding of what the device was meant for.

Art in the Era of the Internet

The internet revolutionized the way we interact with different artistic works as people were able to create and share their work in real-time. This led to the creation of many opportunities all over the world as the internet filled the void of exploring creativity and sharing them with internet users who were a ready market for the products. The idea of having an eager audience on the internet with similar interests as the artists have promoted the growth of such artists. The usage of the internet has led to the mitigation of many risks the artist’s suffered from, like the feedback on the art. The projects find support from the audience, which also offers an opinion which the artist can utilize in his/her next session. This would have been a significant setback to the artist if the feedback was not immediate. The artist can even quote attributions on the projects for the support offered.

The Art of Creative Coding

Coding supplies us with the tools to create apps, software, and websites. There are artists who use coding as a form of communications who have benefitted from the use of the internet as the base of programming codes are already in libraries created by other coders. The art of creative coding is showcasing the world how a particular code was written and the essence of the artist creating that specific code. This has helped other coders to work with the code to create an entirely different end product. With the original system already in place, the programmers can focus primarily on the creative aspects to bring forth a new idea. After the creation of a unique code, the library of systems is also enhanced, therefore continuously having endless possibilities from one source code.

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