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Art Analysis Paper Example | Summer Day Homework Help

Summer day or Jour d’Été, is a painting by Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). It is an impressionism, and realism artwork, which measures 45.7cm x 75.2cm (Stepanek). The piece is a beautiful piece of artwork, which comprises of two women, seated in the boat on the pond (Figure 1). It tries to inform the viewers of a vivid sense of space, light, and air which make the art an impeccable piece.

Art Analysis _ Summer Day

Figure 1 summer’s day painting by Berthe Morisot

The artwork is a realistic piece of art with the two individuals on the piece. It depicts the women in the unusual pallet sitting together. There is a blue coat on one of the women, where there is a mixture of cadmium yellow, emerald green, and Viridian. Cadmium yellow is the most greatly used color on the piece. The piece is made from rubbing oil on canvas creating two ladies with a water body which acts as the background (Dunne). This is an impressionism artwork and incorporates the use of realism since there are two humans and impressionism of nature, which is well depicted (Stepanek). The reflections of the lake and the ladies themselves appear well on the zigzag brushstrokes, which create a unique view. One can notice similar brushstrokes throughout the painting. The brushstrokes are also uniform and help a viewer in identifying various elements that the artist encompasses on the artwork.

From the artwork, one can clearly visualize the strength of a woman depicted as the two decide to ride their boat alone and have some private time together as they enjoy nature. The two appear to be relaxed on a sunny day. They also appear to be having a dialogue while seated on the boat. They also seem to be of a higher social class through the type of dressing which they are donned on. There are also ducks in the background and well-slashed grass, which shows that the two are from a background and environment that has been well maintained. The two women appear to be enjoying a relaxed, sunny day.

Elements used in the artwork

 There are various elements used in the design. The first major element used is balance to enhance clarify in the background, and the front image. The images and the background have a well-balanced transition when no side is heavier than the other. Another critical element used for art is contrast. The two pieces are contrasted by the colors of the clothes, the background, and the water bodies. Other factors that bring about contrast include the texture of the different elements, the values, and the size of features on the art piece, factors that intensify the contrast elements in the artwork. The static movement on the entire piece is also another element that brings about contrast. The static human figures, water, and background are all different factors that enables a viewer to understand the artwork and easily describe all elements involved in developing the art piece.

Composition/ Design

The artwork portrays symmetrical balance. All the features on the artwork tend to depict well-balanced features, where the foreground, the water, and the background are all proportionally balanced and can help an observer to easily apprehend the art piece. The form of the painting is a two-dimensional form. It, however, gives the image a three dimensional through the addition of small, blurry objects in the back to look away, hence giving the painting the much-needed depth. The subject of the artwork is a leisurely outdoor activity, which is a common trend in many impressionist paintings.

Making the Painting

It is evident that the artist used oil painting in making the painting. There was the use of elements of arty, which sneered that the piece well described the event. The use of realism is also evident in the piece, meaning that the author needed to use real physical features in the design, portraying the human activity, and also to showcase nature. The brush strokes are well utilized in the painting, giving it an authentic look. The use of short brushstroke gives the painting a sketchy feel. The use of contrasting colors, on the other hand, helps in the creation of light and shadow, where the reflection of light is seen on the water. As a result, the contrast gives the painting an impression of a passing moment.

In summation, Summer’s Day Painting is one of the greatest panting in the 19th century. The impressionism painting also has elements of realism, where several elements of art are used. Some of the most visible elements include contrast and balance which are easily visible by looking at the art piece. Other critical elements used for the artwork include the symmetrical balance that gives the art piece an authentic outlook.



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