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The case is based on a string of arsons in the society and nearby areas. People in the society believe that Kasey is involved in crime and is hence the main culprit. The police arrested him as per the request of some individuals within the society. The police are tasked with the role of collecting evidence against him. Nevertheless, the evidence is not enough to prove charges on him. They also picked his computer, which they believe could have evidence against him. Another person living in the area has insurance in the firm called Legatima insurance company.

The company wants to ensure that the investigations are complete to prove that he is in no way involved in the arson. The firm has decided to undertake its own investigations to ensure that Mr. Kasey’s charges are correct. When the police came to Kasey’s home, they picked his computer which they believe had evidence that could be sued against the suspect. This includes his email dares, which could have incriminating evidence against him. To approach this case, there are different methods.

Some of the missing information that could be very necessary to help solve the case includes understanding whether the arson was natural or not and understanding methods or techniques that clarify that the fire was either original or fake (Wilson, 2017). Some of the techniques that could help understand the case include looking for holes burned in the fire, crazed glass in windows, patterns of the fire, and getting to know whether there was any material such as that was used in the arson (Hua & Detachment, 2017). The digital shreds of evidence alone cannot be used to decide on the case since it cannot be proof enough that arson was real or done intentionally.

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