Argument Analysis

The article published by The Toronto Star explores the dangers associated with the application of cutting-edge facial technology by the Canadian Police during their line of work. By focusing on the aspects of privacy and confidentiality that are likely to be violated, the article offers a wide range of options, which can be explored by the law enforcement agency to conduct their duties and overcome issues affecting them in their immediate environment. In this essay, I will outline the structure of the argument while maintaining the logic of the author’s views and connecting them with the premises used across the article.

The structure of the argument can be represented as follows:

P1: Using cutting-edge facial technology in the Canadian Police department violates the privacy and confidentiality of the country’s population.

P2: The NDP, internet users, and activists are concerned about the extent of violation that might be used against the will of individuals to pursue law offenders.

P3: Without the input of the judiciary, the continued use of the technology violates privacy and confidentiality guidelines that dictate the nature of interactions.

P4: Various police agencies around the globe have implemented the cutting-edge technology to pursue their objectives.

P5: Recent revelations from an IT Consultancy Firm highlighted the potential consequences that would accrue if the more than 3 billion photos drawn from different social media platforms is handled by the wrong people.

P6: The Canadian Police Department denied responding to questions concerning their integration of the advanced technology into their system.

P7: What Canadian laws authorize the use of facial recognition by the police force?

P8: Individuals are concerned about the possibility of mixed identities that might ensue if the police rely on the facial recognition technique.

MP9: It is easier to use the technique to catch law offenders.

C: The Police Department should explore the limits and offer recommendations to the public concerning its usage of the advanced technique in its operations.

The structure of the argument can also be drawn as seen below:






Before one can evaluate the logical power raised in the arguments, he or she should explore the ability of the premises to support the conclusion. In this regard, Premises P1, P2, P5, and P8 resonate with MP9, which supports the views raised in the conclusion. The problem affecting the existing conflict between the public and the police department cannot be resolved without exploring the available options and developing viable recommendations that can be used to fulfill the changing needs of individuals. At any given time, the privacy of individuals and the ability of the relevant authorities to uphold the confidentiality during their interaction with the public determines the quality of interactions that can be held at any given time.

P3 brings a new development that involves the judiciary and its role in protecting the public against any form of exploitation. Importantly, individuals are informed about their right to privacy and confidentiality that cannot be exploited by any arm of the government (Boutilier, 2020). Likewise, P6 argues that the Canadian Police did not respond to queries on whether it had introduced the cutting-edge technology into its operations, presenting a confusing state to the reader because of the underlying accusations. From this observation, the arguments focus on informing the public about the state of operations in the local police department at a time when the privacy and confidentiality of internet users has been exposed to a wide range of risks.

Despite P4 introducing the reader to the state of police departments around the globe, P7 introduces a new concept that focuses on questioning the existing laws that protect the Canadian internet users. Importantly, individuals are supposed to explore certain approaches that focus on creating viable solutions that make work easier and improve the quality of life enjoyed by the majority in the modern world. Although the Canadian police is yet to fully implement the facial recognition technique, understanding the challenges the innovation poses to unsuspecting internet users is important.

To summarize, the argument offers numerous approaches that can be used by the Canadian authorities to boost their relationship with the public and other internet users. Importantly, individuals are supposed to discover their potential by recognizing various aspects that highlight the nature of their relations with the public. However, understanding the consequences that can accrue from mixed identities during police operations slows down the implementation of the technique in the Canadian police department and beyond.




Boutilier, A. (2020, January 28). Facial recognition technology poses ‘enormous’ potential for abuse, NDP says. The Star, Retrieved from


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