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Applying Identity Models Essay | Homework Help Services

Ethnic identity includes labeling, categorization, attachment, or commitment to a group or certain beliefs and values linked to a group. The cultural, racial identity model is a framework for working and dealing with members of racially joined families through attending to cultural and racial variances among children and parents. Most African American teenagers have tried to come to terms with their ethnic identity and the negative prejudices and stereotypes. They have been able to understand their plan within their own ethnic culture and society. Those that have found it challenging to accept their ethnic identity have found it challenging with their psychosocial adjustment and self-image. For instance, online racial discrimination has been on the rise and involves discounting individuals based on their race through text, audiovisual, pictures, and graphic images (Tynes et al., 2012). This has occurred in web pages, chat rooms, online games, videos, music, and text messaging. Inequitable treatment due to ethnic and racial identities leads to discrimination which is detrimental for the African American Youth. Not only does this experience a high increase in discrimination across adolescence, but they also lead to racial bias and poor mental health.

I have encountered the unique effect of racial identity on my self-esteem. Cross-racial hostility in online platforms has affected my ability to fulfill and maintain healthy relationships with white members of society. For instance, cyberbullying has greatly affected my self-esteem since I become self-conscious, which lowers my self-esteem. Severally, I have been trolled online after uploading my photos. These harassments have been aimed at my looks and physical appearance. This has translated to feeling ashamed to show up in public, socially interact with others, and feel less appealing.

Wark (2016) stated that human services ate professions aimed at responding to the direction of human problems and human needs. This brings the appreciation of all human beings from varying diversities. Identity is a significant element of what makes an individual who they are. Identity is important in developing confidence and self-esteem when working with a client group. Identity gives an individual the strength to sustain the current moment and function effectively, and make conscious decisions among different individuals.

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