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Applying Assessment Tools

In this case, the type of evaluation chosen for this discussion is the Level 1 Cross Cutting Symptom Measures that are situated in the DSM-5. According to Diagnostic (2013), The DSM-5 Level 1 Cross Cutting Symptom Appraise is a self-rate evaluation mechanism that is offered to a clientele in order to evaluate the domains pertaining to psychological health domains. It is used in assisting doctors identify the extra spheres of concern that can have an effect on prognosis and treatment. Moreover, it can be utilized in tracking changes in a person’s symptom illustration over a specific duration. The person used in this assessment had a score of one or greater in four domains. They include fury, nervousness, character functioning, and use of substances. The threshold to steer additional inquest for every domain was a mark of mild or better. This signifies two and above.

This specific individual had a rate of 2 or greater in the domains for nervousness and use of substances.  The evaluations suggested the need to conduct an extended inquest in these domains were the Adult PROMIS Emotional Distress- Anger- Short form, and the Adult Substance Abuse evaluation incorporated from the NIDA adapted ASSIST. The individual presented well throughout this evaluation and seemed to be sufficiently oriented to day and period with no instabilities in thought procedure, thought content, insight, intellectual functions, and generalization.

During the administering of the Level 1 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure, I acknowledged that the queries were extremely uncomplicated in nature and comparative to the other domains. A scorecard of two was considered as minor. This is because the indicators transpired for some days. Because I was uncertain of what the several days characterized, a google search was conducted that compared the several days to five or six days.

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