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Application of the architecture tool Assignment | Online Homework Help

Sifers-Grayson ought to characteristically give emphasis to the application of the architecture tool during its operations. This is mainly ascribed to the fact that the tool possesses several profits after being integrated. It would assist the corporation and IT administration in having a vital comprehension of the dangers that may be experienced during the course of production.  Enterprise Architecture plays a crucial role in safeguarding data, information structures, and information infrastructures. According to Nurmi Penttinen and Seppänen (2019), conventionally, security architecture comprises of several pre-emptive, detective, and counteractive controls applied to safeguard the enterprise substructure and applications. Some enterprises are doing an improved job with security architecture by integrating directive controls, strategies, and processes.  Reliant upon the framework utilized, the enterprise security architecture should be defined with the danger related to the enterprise in mind.

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By integrating the enterprise architecture tool, a corporation’s change may be projected, analyzed, and assessed. Based on the tool, the company should emphasize the implementation of the tool to its procedures.  The architecture’s functions present several benefits. It aids the corporation and the IT division in essentially understanding the possible dangers in the production process. By identifying the threats, strategic paths may be assimilated to lessen the damaging impacts (Nichol, 2018). When an Enterprise Architecture is executed correctly, it may provide an all-inclusive interpretation for Sifers-Grayson that may connect its business idea and operational urgencies. Enterprise architecture is known to enhance organizational effects through efficiency, swiftness, product and service aptness, revenue development, and cost decrease. The implementation of the Enterprise Architecture tool would sanction an effective running of information technology and present reliable and anticipated results. Moreover, it would improve the company’s business procedures with more flexibility and swift replies to information technology dangers and concerns, eventually alter the competitive landscape.




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