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Apple and Samsung Research Report Analysis | Best Paper Writers

Research report analysis have two sections depending on the style the research is being written. The sections are exact commentary of the reader’s observation of the actual research. The analysis should include the format used by the writer and the analysis of the report’s content.  Thus, the intention of this paper is to analyze the research report paper concerning fashion and other factors on consumer decision between Apple and Samsung.

The paper structure contains all required sections of a good research report, such as a title page with the full title of the information, a list of the tables with headings and subheadings used in the report given with their page numbers. The description also contains an abstract that presents an overview of the whole piece. The abstract offer advance clear information about the report. The body is another essential section of research that this report has. Body this report shows the aims and objectives of the word. Other sections used in this paper are methodologies that show the method used in the research. These results give a clear presentation of the study, analysis and discussion, conclusion that contains a summary of the debate on the findings, recommendations and bibliography.

The report’s introduction has critical parts like relevant substantive context, a summary of the study, data, and background, this research paper presents the topic discussed, summarized existing research and an overview of the article’s structure. It also briefs an outline of the remainder of the document and summaries of the conclusions about the primary question.

The qualitative data analysis method is used in the paper; tables, graphs and pie charts are used. This method is effective since it is good to compare and make adequate conclusions about the analysis. Research papers contain copious data which can be easily summarized and read through the tables. It is important for the data to be presented in a visually appealing way. The tables used in the report are descriptive and straightforward; by using tables, the reader can visually understand the data. The graphs and charts used in this paper are of good quality. Graphs and charts condense enormous information into easy to read and understand formats that effectively and communicate essential information.

The research question is relevant. It’s also framed clearly, an easily understandable language without vague vagueness. The question is also purposeful, thinking stimulating, guiding but not leading, and single-dimensional.

Discussion is purposed to describe and interpret the importance of the research in light of information known about the research. The meeting of the paper connects to the introduction through the research question and the literature reviewed. The discussion also has not rearranged the first part of the paper; it clear how the study advanced understanding of the research from the end of the review of prior research.

The general rule is not being verbose, being concise, avoiding vague technical language, following the logical flow of thought, using subheadings, and using present tense in the paper. The content of the discussion of the report includes an explanation of the results. The talk explains whether or not the product expected from the findings.  The unusual trends that emerged from the research are explained concerning the research problem. The content of the discussion contains references to previous research which are used to support the research. It also includes a claim on how the result can be used more generally. The discussions have a strong hypothesis, the possible conclusion arising from the research. Therefore discussion research paper describes and interpreted the importance of the study in light of what already existed.

The structure and organization for debate are well organized from general to specific, connecting the findings from the literature, the theory than to practice. Same narrative styles, verb tense and key terms are used as they were used when the description of the research problem is done in the introduction.

Principles patterns and relationships shown by each finding are described and placed in proper perspective. The discussion ends with a concise summary of the principal implications in disregard of their importance.

The objectives of the discussion are clearly expressed by reiterating the research problem that was being investigated and the methods used to research them; significant findings of the study are clearly described in the paper. Results are explained systematically and related to similar studies. The claims made in the discussion are clearly supported by the data provided in the analysis; there is also a connection between the results and the research question.

The research paper has conclusions that are drawn from the results that were gathered from the research. However, the discussion of the implication in this research paper is not sufficient as it lucks some essential sections of substance like, how will it impact research in future, relevant fields of interest, and policy decision. It does also indicate how the report will affect the targeted subject.

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