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The antiquity is on sale on eBay. It is approximately 200 years old Hebrew writing manual script on the book of Genesis 35:27- 42:27. The Bible scroll is on a golden brown deer parchment which is extremely beautiful and rare. The fragment came from Syria, representing Syria’s rarity of the earliest examples of Jewish Syria. The piece has a buy-it-now option and is priced at US $240.00 for its rare beauty and original Hebrew writing. The seller is from Israel and assumes all the responsibility for the listing, however, they do not provide the certificate of authenticity.





This single historical map is on sale on eBay. It’s a large map of the Kingdom of Syria and Persia dating back to 1813. The Lavoisne’s Complete Genealogical Atlas is estimated to be over 200 years old. According to the seller, the piece is approximately 21 inches x 17 inches. This map is from AM 3405-3955 Alexander the great hence it priced at £100.00 and has a buy it now option. The seller is located in the United Kingdom and does not offer a certificate of Authenticity.

Stealing of antiquities has a long history, today as technology continues to advance it’s becoming both easier and difficult to fence stolen antiques. Efforts to create effective strategies and policy responses are limited by a lack of information and evidence due to the size of the market, market developments, country instability, and network structure of the people involved. Also, thieves are using the anonymity of the internet to list and sell stolen artifacts making it easier to purchase illicit antiquities across the world.

Today here are multitudes of dealers who sell wares online. With the click of a button, buyers can quickly purchase objects from different corners of the world. According to research, various online platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook promotes the trade of antiquities. Traders are also hiding behind pseudonyms making it difficult for the authorities to protect the antiques and track thieves’ activities. However, countries through law enforcement are applying cutting-edge strategies and tools to protect and assess the damage to plundered sites and develop an awareness of looted works. Governments are using modern strategies like satellite images to develop a record of unexcavated antiquities potentially fencing them from future pillage. Through surveillance and policy developments countries are also able to control both persons and online trade of illegal artifacts although there is a need for more strategies to eliminate the vise.

In recent years, organized criminal groups have increased leading to increased trafficking, looting, destruction, and sale of cultural properties both via illegal markets and legitimate markets (Romylos, 2016). Due to this illicit antiquity sale has become an area of concern for countries and policymakers as the fear that the proceeds of such may be financing terrorism or rogue states increases. To deal with this vise we need a strategy that installs fear in people involved in antiquity thefts. Research indicates that in most conflicted zones like Syria and Israel sale of illicit artifacts depends on trust, therefore undermining trust in communication by creating fear of surveillance will disrupt the market. Governments can therefore develop a messaging campaign to disrupt trust among buyers and sellers. Governments can achieve this by promoting the idea that authorities could monitor communication channels hence destroying the illegal antique market.

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