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The world health organization announcement of the COVID-19 as a global pandemic brought up ancestral trauma, disbelief and mistrust for the indigenous communities. The situations were brought about by the fact that people live in a harmful individualistic society. In such societies, there prevailing capitalism and colonization where the status quo has lost its apprehension for the collective goal. As such, the native communities are feeling the effects of holding materials and resources while some of them dismiss the pandemic claiming its beneficial to the environment.

Moreover, the non-indigenous media outlets do not cover the realities of the native communities. The people are curbed by lack of housing and basic essentials like clean water among others in this difficult time. The lack of coverage is particularly impacting on the indigenous communities as many people are unaware of the severity of their situation (“Crushing Colonialism”). While native communities have persevered germ warfare in the past and have been deluded and affected by the colonial systems. The native communities are facing challenges whereby getting back to the community, matriarchy and even exalting the interdependence of people as a collective is being trumped by individualism.

In addition, the one size fits all approaches that federal governments are implementing are unduly affecting the native communities. This is mostly because the indigenous people are intertwined in social services such that people are being removed from treatment prematurely while systems of personal support are being deferred. Aside from the pandemic, provision of health care to native communities is a disorderly makeshift arrangement. It is characterized with poor planning and, too often, many people are not provided with the necessary details and may even be shut out completely.



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