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Annotated Bibliography Sample Assignment | Cheap Essay Help

Viviam Rafaela Barbosa, P. F., Mário Diego, R. V., Ramos Pontes, F. A., Simone Souza da, C. S., & de Oliveira Käppler, C. (2017). Models of self in families of people with spina bifida. Paideía, 27(68), 263-271.

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/1982-43272768201703

This resource explores the cultural perspectives regarding various skillsets that children should adopt at a young age. By focusing on families that are suffering from Spina Bifida, this study highlights various aspects that influence the attitudes of the affected individuals towards life. Notably, the researchers gather information by interviewing seventeen participants who share their experiences taking care of children with the health problem. Importantly, the focus of the entire caregiving process is to expose the children to an environment where they can be independent and acquire autonomy from any aspects that contribute to their health status. By encouraging the affected children to develop strong interpersonal relationships, it becomes easier for the caregivers to guide the affected people through the process of overcoming their fears and becoming independent. Therefore, this study captures the intimate details portrayed by the study and its ability to break underlying stigmas revolving around Spina Bifida.

Gotoh, D., Aoki, K., Morizawa, Y., Hori, S., Itami, Y., Miyake, M., . . . Fujimoto, K. (2020). A japanese man with spina bifida who successfully fathered a child following fertility treatment. IJU Case Reports, 3(3), 90-92. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/iju5.12149

This study narrows down to study a male patient who suffered from Spina Bifida and was impotent. Although he could experience erections and ejaculate, his wife was unable to conceive. Given the nature of different treatment approaches administered on the patient, it was critical to discover the strong influence of the different approaches that influence the thought process of adults suffering from Spina Bifida. This research manifests the benefits associated with maintaining a positive mindset that can improve the quality of outcomes in the contemporary world. The study uses qualitative research approach to collect medical data from the patient and use it to convey desired information to the public. Likewise, the authors are aware of the impact of Spina Bifida on the thought process of individuals and its contribution to the nonrealization of issues that interfere with the quality of relations among individuals.

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