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Annotated Bibliography Sample Paper

Adeleke, A. Q., Windapo, A. O., Khan, M. W. A., Bamgbade, J. A., Salimon, M. G., & Nawanir, G. (2018). Validating the influence of effective communication, team competency, and skills, active leadership on construction risk management practices of Nigerian construction companies. The Journal of Social Sciences Research, 460-465.

The article explores the importance of risk management in construction companies. According to the author, risk management reduces the effects of risk on projects and make construction activities completed to quality standards, profitable, time, and budget. The article is in line with the subject matter in that it expounds on effective communication in the construction context and management of such projects. From the article, it is evident that in such an environment, an effective leader is one who communicates more with his/her juniors.

This is a way of making sure that the project is within the set scope, budget, and timelines to reduce the likely risks. This source is relevant for the research in that it will help in expounding on the need for effective communication as a way of ensuring effective construction risk management.


Banwart, M. (2020). Communication Studies: Effective Communication Leads to Effective Leadership. New Directions for Student Leadership2020(165), 87-97.

The article focuses on human communication among organizations, teams, and groups. It expounds on what persuasive communication is and its role in leadership development. It also explains the contributions of the discipline to effective leadership, which involve advancing the understanding of an organizational, communicative system. The systems, according to the journal, are vital in skills development, civic engagement, and deliberative democracy.

The article is very significant for the study, in that it will provide detailed information regarding the relationship between effective leadership and effective communication.


Brown, A. (2020), “Communication and leadership in healthcare quality governance: Findings from comparative case studies of eight public hospitals in Australia,” Journal of Health Organization and Management, Vol. 34 No. 2, pp. 144-161. 

The author in this journal talks about the importance of hospital board engagement in governing quality health care. The journal explores the corporate governance and its importance in ensuring quality health care. The article mostly highlights issues of health care, where it is evident that leadership and communication underpin effective engagement in the governing of health care quality. The reason for settling on this journal is the fact it expounds on matters of corporate governance, which includes communication and the dynamics of corporate governance in leadership.


Chan, C., & Holosko, M. J. (2016). A review of information and communication technology-enhanced social work interventions. Research on Social Work Practice, 26(1), 88-100.

The article highlights the use of information in special work. It illustrates the importance of incorporating this type of technology when dealing with social workers and activities. The journal is very definite on social work interventions where it clarifies on a system that can be helped by effective information technology through effectively communicating and improving to make the right decision. The contents of this journal are related to the subject topic, and will significantly help in providing critical context for the study.


Clohisy, D. R., Yaszemski, M. J., & Lipman, J. (2017). Leadership, communication, and negotiation across a diverse workforce*: an AOA Critical Issues Symposium. JBJS99(12), e60.

The authors comprehensively address issues concerning the current United States workforce. From the article, the US workforce is currently changing and becoming more inclusive, where it involves people of different cultural, ethnicity, and age backgrounds. The report, therefore, suggests that dealing with these diversities will require well-laid communication strategies as a way of creating significant opportunities for adaptation and innovation. This, according to the authors, will ensure that a leader has the necessary skills, which will help in understanding all the individuals within the firm and help in attaining the set company goals and objectives. Effective communication in the event of a diverse work environment can also help in solving conflicts and matters of negotiation. The article is very applicable to the study in that it provides necessary information regarding the leadership qualities that can help in communicating effectively in a diverse workforce.


Collyer, S. (2016). Culture, communication, and leadership for projects in dynamic environments. Project Management Journal47(6), 111-125.

The journal explores the rapidly changing industry dynamics, where numerous changes lead to accelerating problems in most industries. As a result of these changes, the culture of the communication strategies and the overall leadership of the involved sectors are affected. From the article, information regarding how companies can adapt to this is critically analyzed. This information is vital for the study in that it relates to the research topic and will help in highlighting critical information regarding communication and leadership.


Dubey, S. S. (2018). Leadership Strategies in Cross-Culture Settings: Processes and Practices. In Handbook of Research on Cross-Cultural Business Education. 199-223.

The author discusses the need for efficient leadership in a cross-cultural setting. From the journal, the role of leadership in the current complex world is comprehensively analyzed. It also highlights the role of leadership in communication within a global context. It also provides a framework to comprehend the leadership prepared required and best practices to be used to be successful. This is a comprehensive journal that offers crucial insights with practical wisdom that is ready for implementation, a topic that applies to the topic of study.


Gmelch, W. (2016). The 3 C’s of Effective Department Leadership: Communication, Conflict, and Collegiality.

The article involves information on leading departments in institutions of higher education. The author expounds on the rise of a need for strategic executive skills as a way of running higher learning institutions. The article provides a guide on effective communication practices. It also has information about principal conflict resolutions and collegial department network. The relevance of this article for the research topic is that it expounds on issues of communication. It also relates the information to leadership and how the two are related. The 3Cs, which are illustrated in the article, will be very informative for the research in that it augurs well with the subject matter.


Mead, R., & Jones, C. J. (2017). Cross‐Cultural Communication. The Blackwell Handbook of Cross‐Cultural Management, 283-291.

 The journal entails information concerning communication and leadership. Cross-cultural management is essential in that it involves how leaders can handle persons of different cultures, and at the same time, showcase his/her leadership styles. The journal is also a vital part of the research in that it will provide critical information that will help in an overall conclusion of the study. Crucial aspects of communication and how they can help in ensuring effective leadership are thoroughly analyzed in the journal, making it a vital source for the study.


Kolb, D. G., Prussia, G., & Francoeur, J. (2009). Connectivity and leadership: The influence of online activity on closeness and effectiveness. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies15(4), 342-352.

The major topic covered in the journal is the issue of Leadership through the use of online platforms. According to the authors, the future of leadership in the new era of technology is an emerging topic that has to be thoroughly covered. From the journal, the authors state that leaders in the future must be able to keep up with the use of online platforms for communications due to the paradigm shift in the use of modern technology. Leaders ought to be conversant with ways of communicating as a way of ensuring that they offer effective leadership. This source is relevant to the subject matter and topic of study in that it expounds on modern means of communication and how leaders can incorporate them into their strategies as a way of enhancing their efficiency.


Mead, R., & Jones, C. J. (2017). Cross‐Cultural Communication. The Blackwell Handbook of Cross‐Cultural Management, 283-291.

 The journal expounds on the relationship between communication and leadership. Cross-cultural management is essential in that it entails how leaders can handle persons of different cultures, and at the same time, showcase their leadership styles. The journal is a vital part of the research in that it will provide critical information that will help in providing a suitable conclusion of the study. Crucial aspects of communication and how they can help in ensuring effective leadership are thoroughly analyzed in the journal, making it a vital source for the study.


Oz, E., & Sosik, J. J. (2000). Why information systems projects are abandoned: a leadership and communication theory and exploratory study. Journal of Computer Information Systems41(1), 66-78.

The journal provides information regarding the reason for the abandonment of Information systems development projects. According to the article, such incidences lead to financial damages. From the report, the primary reasons that lead to such case scenarios include lack of corporate leadership, poor communication, poor project management, and inadequate skills and means. Communication, which is the primary point in the study, is well analyzed, where it is apparent that it is also crucial in such development projects. It is evident, that in all cases, including in the events of project management, and leaders ought to exercise effective communication, as a way of ensuring they deal with the emerging challenges accordingly. This is a relevant source that will help in the development of the research paper.


Purnell, L. (2018). Cross-Cultural Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Interpretation, and Translation. In Global Applications of Culturally Competent Health Care. Guidelines for Practice, 131-142.

The journal expounds on communication in a cross-cultural context. It involves both verbal and communication, which are factors that determine the leadership abilities of an individual. The journal gives examples of nations such as Russia and capitalism, and how the leaders were able to deal with cultural and institutional factors in their approaches. It is very relevant to the topic of study since it is a key subject that includes communication and leadership and will help play a critical role in meeting the goals and objectives of the study.


Tran, B. (2018). Communication: The Role of the Johari Window on Effective Leadership Communication in Multinational Corporations. In Social Issues in the Workplace: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice (pp. 135-160). IGI Global.

The author talks about leadership and why there is a need for any given leader to possess excellent communication skills. According to the author, when leaders communicate effectively, then their followers tend to have higher levels of satisfaction. The journal expounds on the role of the Johari Window (JW) in addressing the need for effective leadership in multinational companies. This source is very pertinent to the topic of study in that it will help in availing important information regarding the information between communication and leadership.


Tusinski, B. K. (2017). Trends in public relations: Exploring the role of ethics as it relates to social media and crisis communication. Journal of Media Ethics, 32(1), 61-66.

The journal explores the ethical nature of social entrepreneurship and business. It expounds on the importance of ethics in communication and in the event of public relations. It entails information which has been collected from ethic and entrepreneurship perspectives, intending to obtain their views on the issues and what they would recommend for better communication in social entrepreneurship. This source well augurs with the research topic, where its findings will be used in making conclusions that are in line with the subject matter of communication and leadership.




Literature Review Outline



  1. Topic Definition
  2. Importance of the study
  • Highlighting the themes that will be discussed

Theme 1

  1. Stating the first then of the study
  2. A thorough description of the theme (Citation from past scholar articles)
  • Introduce sub-theme 1 – This will include Narrow findings from the related studies with citations from related findings
  • Study I related findings
  • Study II related Findings
  • Study III related findings
    1. Introduce sub-theme 2
  • Study I related findings
  • Study II related Findings
  • Study III related findings

The subthemes can be repeated depending on the information mad the findings related to the study


  1. Theme B, C, D – should follow the format of Theme A

Conclusion and Recommendation

  • Wil involve a summary of the main points and themes in the literature review
  • Statement of the overall strengths and weaknesses
  • Highlight any information that may be missing from the literature review

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